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This is a great site that handles a lot of traffic and do great at it. One question though Since yall have all our info and stats and the links we've already open and the little memory in our phone tells us Iinks we've opened. Shouldn't yalls memory be able to delete the ones we have clicked? Yall have the option to see the links we've clicked, but why not show the ones we haven't? Who wants to walk around looking at tables they've played on ? I think most would rather look at ones they haven't and wanna face the players they haven't seen and touch the money they haven't.
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I think that there should be a table for every 100 levels, that way u don't go on a table at say 1mill 2mill and at level 186 and gave to play someone at level 300, and you could even set it up where everyone playing on that table is pretty close in chip count
Say you go to 500 1 mill table the players could be level 100 to 150 and chip count all pretty close. And so on.
Level 150 to 199 play each other, 200 to 250, 250 to 299 and so on, have a minimum and maximum for each table so there pretty even. And be able to hold tournaments with level of players your on play with all who filled tables until last man standing , and give a bonus to winner and maybe a level up or that way your playing against people on your level and maybe after winning minimum 5 tables a 100 mill worth of chips.
Because I'm at level 186 I've been to 1 mill 2 mill table and levels there from 71 with 175 mill and someone on same table at lel 425 with 3.2 billion.
With that advantage the guy with big chip count can lay down 15 mill before flop and just about everyone will fold if their not close to his chip count. That's why it's setup like it is so you have to buy chips are not play for week and collect chips every 4 hours unless you buy them which I don't hardly do I collect and win them, but I've noticed when you buy chips you us usually do better in the game get better cards.
Just a thought it would make it more interesting.

Yes they do that all the time and so many that have Billions of Chips jus keep betting higher and higher and they have NOTHING but they don't care!! SMH I've also been told that most of these people with the billions and billions of chips use some kind of Hack and get Free Chips so of course it doesn't matter to them cause they aren't paying money

Let me get some chips. Thanks
Me too plz more megaaa spins
Mega spins rule ty

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