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Am I the only one who always lands on the grey spaces on the mega bonus wheel? I decided to track my spins over a period of 4 months. There are 12 spaces on the mega bonus wheel, 6 are grey (lowest value) 3 are blue 2 red 1 gold (highest) or jackpot. I have spun the wheel 60 times 50 hit the grey, 6 blue and 4 red  0 gold. I know that the grey is the main color and should get the most hits but 90%. That seems too much when grey takes but 50% of the spaces on the wheel. I like the mega wheel and it is free to spin and i have never paid to spin the super mega wheel. But with the same colors and spaces why would the out come be different. When I first started playing WSOP i spun a jackpot so it does happen. The problem as I see it is if the wheel is rigged is the slot machine the deck. You have to be careful the game can be hacked and your cards not hidden from cheating player. This is why i never play for money on line


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Ya I never get nothing else 

I've been playing for a couple of years now and i only landed on it once. Every other time its usually under 100,000. 

You're not alone. I've been playing WSOP for a few years now and once I landed on a big one about 300,000 after that it was all under 100,000

Haha was thinking about that as just another one of their “random” algorithms. And I have once hit the yellow big cheese wedge. But the last few weeks I decided to screenshot all my spins as part of my own experimentations and data collection. So the times that I hit the crappy ones are at any given time. But! And here is the distressing part.. obviously they’re going to skew the odds so you don’t hit the jackpot often if ever. But I have NEVER hit anything other than a crappy grey wedge when I am absolutely low on chips and one GOOD mega spin could save me from diving back in the wallet. Since I’ve been SSing this in the past month, I hit the big red once, blue twice and the rest grey. Total of 21 mega spins, so one would assume with fair odds and with only 12 wedges (half of which are made up of non-grey wedges with higher payouts), that I would have MAYBE hit the mega at least once OR an equal # of the (1/2) grey and (1/2) non-grey. But it’s their world, I just play in it. I’ve never cared from other games skewing but something about the way wsop does it... idk it just makes me feel like used hahah

I need chips bad please give me my mega bonus weel 

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Mega spin

user1548499665 did you get any chips yet?


No..your not special. I think everyone is except for a few. I havnt landed on anything else for a year and I'm REALLY tired of it. I've tried holding my device at differt angles..upside down and keeping it moving but I still land on the same 4 wedges..2 on either side. Good luck...
I need bonus
Free chips and mega spin

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