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Am I the only one who always lands on the grey spaces on the mega bonus wheel? I decided to track my spins over a period of 4 months. There are 12 spaces on the mega bonus wheel, 6 are grey (lowest value) 3 are blue 2 red 1 gold (highest) or jackpot. I have spun the wheel 60 times 50 hit the grey, 6 blue and 4 red  0 gold. I know that the grey is the main color and should get the most hits but 90%. That seems too much when grey takes but 50% of the spaces on the wheel. I like the mega wheel and it is free to spin and i have never paid to spin the super mega wheel. But with the same colors and spaces why would the out come be different. When I first started playing WSOP i spun a jackpot so it does happen. The problem as I see it is if the wheel is rigged is the slot machine the deck. You have to be careful the game can be hacked and your cards not hidden from cheating player. This is why i never play for money on line


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No I never hit on the used too.i hit everytime almost
it happens 95 percent of the time and that is underestimating!
Please mega whell spin bunos thank you verymuch
Please mega wheel spin bunos thank you
Please mega wheel spin bunos thank you

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