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I love the fact you of all these options. Ty.but the post are so out of date can't collect. Delete post when I accept so I don't waste a hour going through chips I've apparently already collected.i request new promo codes and it's Aug and you have bonuses from may that are expired so get rid of them please
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gracias por las fichas

I feel you man. This is a free service that provides us free chips as well. God forbid they start charging down the line because they get organized due to our demands, thus treating us as "customers". 

Ano it says I've already collected RIO2016 when I havnt

Bummer, you must have redeemed the offer from this site thinking it was a separate 10,000-chip offer. Do you think it's a possibility? If not, that's pretty weird it's telling you that man.

O yea
O yea
O yea

Chips chips chips please

gracias x las fichas

Love it it's the best ever.

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