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has any1 else turned on the app and noticed that they lost all their braclet points i went from poker pro 10 almost done back to poker pro 2 i lost my $ and my score was 230 now its 46 i went from 28000 hands played to 500 i lost my stats my royal flush is gone it says my best hand was 4 2's why did this happen its like it got reset 1 year, it went from biggest pot won 1,987,456,000 to 9,888,000

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Have u figured out what happened??? Cuz I too lost mine I was 3/4 through my first mahogany chip and a level 113 and now I'm back down to half through chip 6 and idk what level! Total BS!

It seems like forever at least 6 months. I am no

Further than I started six months ago and I still need one chip to complete the case with 88mill.

Please help.


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