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I've noticed for about the past 3 weeks now, I can't hardley EVER catch decent cards... ( been playing holdem about 20 yrs, I know it's "poker") are the cards being dealt purely random? Does it have ANYTHING to do with not purchase ing anything? Is it just really a string of bad luck? I was way way up in this game in begining...thoughts?
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You're not the only one

I really think it has to do with purchasing chips that's why all special packages showing up ,few months back I bought a deal so I could play awhile and right away was passing kidney stones and could do nothing else, after I bought them I filled first suitcase, got bracelet, moved up to level 180 and gold status , have not bought chips in awhile, not getting cats play alot a t high tables and only leveled up twice in a month. So yes the game is rigged so if you buy you do better and if you don't u don't get cards so u loose chips, then u can buy, or wait every 4 hours to collect or hunt down promo codes, that has been my observation. And if u play on lower table to make chips last u may win some but sooner than later it will change cards will stop and just as soon as u fold before turn out comes a winning hand but to get iy u have to bet or call someone that just bet 10 mill, and if u do call u might not get that hand u see if u fold. It just seems rigged. I know they have bots in their all over the different tables that tip more than they win.
But I love to play best game ive seen on any device.
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same here and cant find promo codes all gone cold


Has to do with purchase the game I'd deigned to give u so many winning hands after that if u stay in u will loose that's why they have all those specials so u will buy if u don't go to a table ur luck will not be as good as someone who just bought chips. I know I did it bought a package and leveled up fast filled first suitcase after that I started collecting instead of buying and have not gotten anywhere no matter how much I win I do not move up I'm at gold Staub at 68 per cent and it has not moved in a month. The only time I level up is win I loose a big pot.

This game like so many are all scripted and coded in a way that entices people to spend money so yes it is rigged in such a way that you really won't move ahead without spending moneyt for chips. The online gaming industry traded ethics for greed insted of being fair to all. Of course it is their business and have to make money to keep the game afloat but if this is the case then they should have like a monthly subcription so that the paying customers have  better incentives versus th free to play players. It is sad how in the past 10 years gaming companies have gotten worse on how they structure their games even towards paying customers. I played one game that even if you are a paying cusstomer they still cheat you and give all these lame excuses as to why it is not their game but the player lmao

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