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Has it ever occurred anyone that if you played like it was real money and didn't race thousands of dollars before the flop and try and make it more interesting in I think that's the way it was intended to be play play it like it's real money that's the challenge anybody can take a billion dollars in bully people going over 200,000 and come out with 3 million then you've done something
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Just out of curiosity who told you the game was intended to be played a certain way. Its called NO LIMIT for a reason. The faster you can get someone to fold the better your chances are. Clearly you do not understand this game. This is the very reason why THE HAVE BETTINGS BEFORE THE FLOP. BEFORE THE FLOP. It's a strategy game. More than half the time they are bluffing. If there's 8 people at the table and you can get2/3 thirds of them to fold before they see any cards that is what you want. Again. This is NO LIMIT Texas Holdem. Cause there is no LIMIT. Anyone who says the game was intended to ALLOW your opponents to atleast see the flop has no clue how to play this game.
You know I guess the heat is I guess everybody plays a different but I won't call a big bet before the flop you're not sitting across the table for these people you can't see them so you watch betting patterns how quick they fold how quick they call when they're bluffing when they're not there's a science to it that's just how I feel about it come play me we'll see what happens

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