WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Please Please Plzzz Chip Me And I Will Show U Pics...

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... pics of how I LITERALLY, for several hours could NOT win a single hand outside of tournament no matter how I played. Any time I had a winning hand, all folds.  ITS NOT FAIR TO TARGET PPL THAT SPEND MONEY ON CHIPS

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WSOP is rigged. Lot's of sites are, but other sites reward players that make purchases. WSOP intentionally rigs hands to take chips from players that buy, as they want you to keep buying. Try not buying for a few weeks, and you will start winning against players that do. Also be aware of WSOP bot players. They usually have an Ace or other default avatar, and will call a large pre-flop raise with trash cards and hit straights and flushes. Also, on WSOP, straights and flushes are the norm, they outnumber one and two pair hands. That in itself proves WSOP is corrupt.

Good game
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dead on the money there



What can I do to get you to send me some pics
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Please please send me pics. You are gorgeous

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