WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Pop Up "big Win" Messages During Game Play?

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While at a table playing Texas hold em, every now and then you will see a message lol up on the left that congratulates you on a big when. It gives a chip amount and also an option button to "Share". The chip amount isn't the amount of the big win so what is it? It never gives it to me so I'd really like to know, is it a bonus for winning a big hand and am I supposed to be able to collect it somehow? Appreciate anyone's feedback on this
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So that is just to hmm post it onto your facebook page to show if off to your friends. It also gives your friends the chance to collect free chips. But you can not collect free chips on that.Ex: say you and I are friends on facebook. I won a tournament. I share it on facebook. You go on my facebook and click on my post you get a minimum of like 20,000 chips depending on your status it could be times 2 or 3. So if you shared those times and I go and click on them I get free chips. But also they are only good for like a few hours and only good for like the first like 4 or 5 friends that click it. It's weird how that works. But hey they are free extra chips for your friends that also play.Hope that helped you out.

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