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when I go all in  and  I win the pot .. I notice I get less chip back .  especially in the higher tables.  I would understand after raking in the winnings there is a negative balance due to the big/small blinds  but I know I'm not in the big/small blinds rotation.  example  my total is 25K before the cards are dealt I call the blinds flop comes  I go all in  thats my 25K + other players chips (lets say 25K total to the balance of 50k in the pot)   I win the all in  and  I get 45K back  what happen to the 5k ?    these are 100/200 blinds table 


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I agree with that.. Same problem I have

10% gratuity for the avatar Monica. To be fair, I play on several sites and they are all taking our money/ chips without explantation and leave the customer/ player no recourse.


The game is so fixed and comical   You can have a good hand and someone with crap wins it  they go all in and if u have pair aces u go all in then that person most times win with crap 


Millions and millions of chip's at once would be great.....

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