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This site is soooo rigged it's sickening.. computer programs fix hands to favor those who buy chips...time and time again hands with 7% chance to hit hit over and over again..fxkn joke
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Lost six million in two hours trying to get 500 bp for a 16 million mission reward and never got a pair   Fucked and over it. I’ll let golf clash fuck me for awhile

Stop whining. What you're saying is wrong. This is the best, most realistic poker game out there. I garuntee you're exaggerating. Even though you'll never admit it. You just suck. Be patient. Wait for the right hand before you expect something to happen. And dont be pissed that you're bluff gets called and you don't hit your flush or straight on the river. Lol
I've won then lost well over a billion on a day. What you're complaining about it so petty.

I agree with you completely ForrestBerry it’s not the game that sucks it’s the person playing it lol maybe take some time to learn how to play :P

sometimes you win sometimes you don’t, get over it.   I’ve lost quite a bit but I’ve also had times where I’ve won huge amounts.  

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