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So I have always been using puffin to do all my gaming, fb wsop, and to collect the bonuses here on GM. but since my phone automatically updates app..... it updated the puffin app and I can no longer load wsop through fb... which is the easiest/best way for me me to collect coins and bonuses. I can't even use puffin to open it will although let me use mobile links but that takes a really long time. I have even paid the 3.99 for the puffin pro app and I am still having the same problem. I messaged wsop and they said that it wont open on puffin bc it is a mobile device not a actual computer. I can still use puffin to do all my sloto stuff though!!!! I havr downloaded opera. Foxfire,chromer,chrome, and puffin and so far I can't Gina a browser that will actually load it in as decrnt amount of time...... does anyone have any suggestions???? Also what about a bonus collector app???--- best one???? If u would like u could email me your suggestions or reply here. [email protected]

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I don't use apps to collect/play but I'm wondering if you can restore the app to the previous version and turn off your auto update?  If you cannot restore the app, maybe you'll get the previous version if you delete and reinstall the app?  Maybe you'll just get lucky and the older version hasn't updated yet if you reinstall?  Just be sure to turn your auto updating off before doing that.  For now, can you play wsop within Facebook and just leave open in your browser/google chrome?  That's what I do.  I play from wsop app and just periodically check gamehunters website and leave it open in the browser and flip back and forth when I collect.  When I collect from gamehunters, it automatically opens the wsop app, which is nice.  I realize this doesn't help much as far as a new or different gaming app but it's another way around until you find a gaming app that'll work for you.

good luck!!

Puffin has never opened wsop for me. I have to use chrome in request desktop mode and use FB website. Its very very slow(lagged and glitchy) I only use it to collect the fb bonus and to send all my friends gifts at once. 

i have the same problem

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