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Ok is it just me that it's getting less on promo codes and when u do get them they are barely nothing !!! Not to mention how the players spend there real hard money to play your app which is supposed to be at a higher standard .. That being said start being more player friendly as give back the a certain of chips by his or her play ratio .. I know wsop knows the numbers because their intake numbers are clearly higher than outputs.. Lotta players sitting out there outta chips and wanting to support the app by playing but yet wsop doesn't honor the players that honor said game ... Not even gonna get on ridiculous repeative bad beats and 4 of a kinds u see on a daily basis ..   So I VOTE FOR FREE THE CHIPS MOVEMENT !!  Pls just cause the series is over on tv doesn't mean no more promos or free chips  

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Yes the bonuses are not enough

Be happy with it and enjoy your day 


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No, i'ts not just you & I agree with you 100%. Skwirlz

i also agree im a fairly new player and have bought chips to level up my status now am about  to reach new level and wont because of  this end of year status reset would never would of spent my hard earned money on this game if i new they would do sometthing like this wish i had knwn from the start 

Agreed. What the heck happened? Plus most the no expired links don't work. Tired of reporting them

I totaly agree with you i keep having the same problems also i can't even get the free bonus tokens they offer

got the same problem.too.
So how do I share chips?


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