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We love to create new World Series of Poker Game - WSOP forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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If you play other Playtika games you earn "reawrds".
I'm now in Silver status because I play other playtika games...

I install the game in facebook, take the reawrds and I left out!

Works, get the gfts in the site or in my facebook page, and play with me in the Game!


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Active member category with their facebook profile links, so other players can collect the free chips off each other.

Looking for promo code 2nd round of Paris

Thanks Jill

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How come clicking on the bonus that say you love free chips,the tables are on fire, y'all ready for this, and what a champ it always says chips have been given out even when the post is under 5 min.old?

I've been a WSOP Texas Hold-em player for a few weeks now, been seeing a lot of posts about Can't Get Chips! 

I had this problem in the beginning! So I started getting involved with WSOP TH! 

Now no Problem!

Thanks WSOP!!!

Good job

How do I get this code

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I have just started playing WSOP online.  I love it and have 62 million chips just by playing a lot & clicking on the bonus every 3 hrs or so.  This whole forum is a joke.  Yet it's the only one out there. Under this topic, the last post was 2 months ago. How about a category like a strategy.  I am on often every single day.  Sometimes you can get a real game going yet most times it's a NOOB who goes all in on every single hand even before the flop. I mean really??  Then it becomes a round robin to see how big a pot you can win and then lose on the next hand.  Where is the skill or strategy.?  And yet to do win more mega spins & points if you do??  I have been stuck at Q level 24 for 2 weeks despite playing 2-6 hrs a day. 

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