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Does anyone else having problems collecting chips in game posts. i have a box pop up 98% of the time that says "invalid code, please try again" this started about a month ago.



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I can't collect bonus chips off
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Auto collect using Facebook link is not working and gamehunter club is not fixing it even though e mail was sent to their support three dYs ago and was posted here over 5 days ago. 


Time to go to other sites such as game skip to auto collect on Facebook page. 

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I have seen it since last weekend  it appears to be the new message when collecting old posts

Yes.  Seems 70%+ links are showing "invalid", as fresh as 1 minute posting on someone's Facebook wall as well.

Yes, same thing here.  I sent message to WSOP support and they said to basically pound sand.  Sent message to GameHunters and they said they would get back to me within a few hours....NADA>...

WSOP says they have nothing to do with GH.  GH has no response.  Perhaps they really don't have anyone in support?

I need mega bonnus or brasaset or chips tx
  1. I have trouble getting chips from WSOP/ne
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Everything that you i try cost money

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