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I have noticed that the chip amounts on the MEGA BONUS WHEEL have gone down. It is alot tougher to hit the JACKPOT 1,000,000 coins. The last 5 spins I had were all 240,000 credits or less, usually around 100,000. That stinks. Feel lucky if you get more. Just a few weeks ago, if i spun 5 times, the wheel would at least payout 600,000 once or twice. They are being tight .
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Can I have spins


More spins!

More spins

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play on other sites. the less people play wsop, then they make changes. they are doing all they can to make sure you lose chips and buy more including blocking thr friends bonuses, and mega wheel which is a joke, so is their status upgrade when all bonuses are blocked which means bull crap.

could we have a few mega bonuses pleaze??

Why never I win?