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This is a great site with a lot great people, but there's also more crying on here then at all the nurseries in the country. They go on and on about how they lost their fake money, and act like the games got favorite players. They talk like the games a voter and their the politicians that voted them out. I got beat with a 4 of kind 4 times yesterday.
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He doesn't even see his own
I agree
Idk if you're saying that to me or that's what you stepped in. Can't be saying it to me bc there's no joker in straight poker. Why would I lie ? Do they give out tissues? I did get beat 4 times in 1 day with a 4OAK they were low like 2's and 3's but I got it. Can't complain to much bc wouldn't of got 4 times in one day if real life.
Just like you'll hardly get anything on Megabonus spin after you get so much money, but
Need mega bunos spin plss..
Wait nursery
Wsop nursery
Look,its ok to cry,it doesnt take your "im a big people now"title away from you.Now as for the 4 times in a 24 hour not double vision,but quadruple vision Disnyland like ride,loss.Wow! I admire your restraint.Me,i probably would have blamed monica and dumped on her,just as i was beaming out of that card room.(I can still hear my lady,Nicole,in the background,"You've. Given Em ALL YA GOT CAPTAIN." Last but not least,if he says he was beat by what he got beat by,believe the player.Its only Respect,wont cost any of us a penny.I figure if that elderly. guy has been hit by lightning ,what four times? 4 ,4 of a kinds,ill bet he will just snicker and say,"Shucks,Thors Arsenal in my body,them cards is childs play". Oops,sorry,there goes our "big people" title.See you all at the tables.Peace Out.
Thank u
I didn't get big big Chip's

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