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This is a great site with a lot great people, but there's also more crying on here then at all the nurseries in the country. They go on and on about how they lost their fake money, and act like the games got favorite players. They talk like the games a voter and their the politicians that voted them out. I got beat with a 4 of kind 4 times yesterday.
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He doesn't even see his own
Wasn't room for most
That's poker... Well fake $ poker
Yep great game especially when playing for real. Monopoly money is worth more then money on here bc when your out of money you go home and lose all you own just like life. On here they give it away ☺ which is good bc no matter how special the offer is it takes someone that's special to spend real money for make
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i hate asking this but i lost all my chips. is it possible to help me out somehow. i cant buy any all my money has to go to my children. if you cant thank you anyway

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Never get enough of them You may get 1 or 2 to work then never agsin

They look after people who are dull enough to pay to play 

Wait a minute dickhead  this site is so out date the codes are still 2016   U have to wait four hrs to get 30 k  and the boxes are always saying gone cold after u open 2    Treat people fairly and people wouldn't go to other sites  the game is so comical   And they cheat    There are better sites on here than this crap 

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