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Hey poker players, no chit chat here just straight to the point hustling strategy, strategy. Try raising pre flop if you have 2 good hole cards. Don't sit on them because opponents catch a free ride and sometimes a runner runner winning hand. So push them around with your superior pairs and etc 

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What do you call good hole cards.
If your whole cards are a pair of aces remember, eight other players all trying anything such as a 2 7 a 3 9  and unsuited. Wild players will stay in and you will be fighting against anybody with a possible two pair. Most of the time a pair whole cards does not mean you're going to win by using the strategy that you are talking about you will be donating chips to the pot over and over and over again it is better to look at the flop for the best possible starting hand. Yes a high pair is a good starting pair but not to start a war.

Please always remember when you make a large raise what are you raising to gain. If you are only raising just to win the blinds you are not making a wise decision the more chips in the pot the bigger the win, let it build up if you think you have good cards after the flop. 

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