WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Hole cards

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Hey poker players, no chit chat here just straight to the point hustling strategy, strategy. Try raising pre flop if you have 2 good hole cards. Don't sit on them because opponents catch a free ride and sometimes a runner runner winning hand. So push them around with your superior pairs and etc 

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Hole cards

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Hole cards
Hole cards please
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So nice original post but can we please have an actual strategy & info thread or section vs chip beggars?  I am still learning & have 2 accounts 1 on FB 1 on desktop app.  I have 200 million on the desktop & 18 million on fb & have never bought chips. Just keep playing & claiming free chips.  Now to get it started I doubt there is anyway to fix this, but I spend most of my time jumping from table to table cause you always get some noob going all in preflop. 

I need 50million chips!

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