WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Player Review: Is WSOP a Scam?

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Been playing wsop for about 13 months now. For the last 10 months i have repeatedly lost every single time ive play never getting ahead on here anymore.

I've spent literaly. $1,000 buying chips. Not even two days ago lost two 13 million chip packages within  five mniutes apart. Never winning but 3 hands.

I've bought the.52.99 1.4 billion chip package and lost it in less than 9 hours. I just let the game where i lost all i had never winning one single hand. Its not a bad streak.

Support won't help. They never respond. Out of over 15 emails ive sent along with proof via screenshots and video ive gotten a response twice. This game will no longer allow me to matter if i spend $100.000 on chips I cannot get ahead on wsop anymore... started from the moment i made my very first purchase......coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. But wsop is no longer a game I advise anyone to get...not worth the hassle or the money..

At level 226 i stay at a 0 balance due to not getting a winning hand. Cards are always good enough to call or bet but never win.. Flush draws...straght draws...trips...doesn't matter... I always lose on the river 98% of the time now. Winning a hand and losing 30 after it.

Wsop should be taken off the market. Cheating players out their money.

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In Order to get ahead on WSOP is to simply buy in the largest poker package they have  which gives you several billion dollars. What's happening is Poker players Who buy into the game purchasing the largest chip packages are going into small rooms where the average players Bank Roll is at most 5 million for example. These guys are playing against a guy who goes all in on every hand with a bank roll of several billion dollars and he's laughing every time you guys lose. If he loses a hand it's no big deal he will just go all in on the next hand and win it all back when everyone folds their hands.  I have noticed that most of these Bingo or Solitaire players who come in the rooms with no stratedy at all  and will always go all in with have a outnormous amonunt of chips in his/her bank roll. To add WSOP places in their own people where they are given unlimed credit and their goal is to simply go all in knowing that many if not all will fold especially if the smaller Blinds start out at 200 thousand. You simply can not affford to play these bingo players. You may play by strategy where as  they may play by luck and so if there are 5 bingo players in the room no matter how great your cards may be  AA, KK, KQ or KQ of the same suit you will most likely lose it all to a straight. When i start seeing bingo players pop into their room first thing i do is check their cash balance or bank roll and it's for example10 million or several billion i know that he or she will continue to go all in even on the most ridiculous hands ever. I simply can't afford to play poker with these  idiots who have no idea what poker is all about. They have no strategic skills but to simply rely on luck even before the flop. I see these guys poppign in i take off. WSOP is being run by these players and are takign over WSOP changing the entire game of poker. Even f you purchase their value chip packs for an example WSOP will offer a 8 dollar chip package that gives you 13 million dollars. That really isn't a lot of chips when it boils down to it. You will lose that 13 million to a player who has 5 billion in chips in a mater of a short time. I have seen people go into a room and lose millions of their chips within minutes to bingo players.Of course WSOP will not do anything to prevent them from doign it. You can put in complaint after compaint to WSOP but they fact is WSOP enjoys these bingo players as they contribute a considerable amount of  revenue to WSOP forcing people to lose and there for being forced to pourchase more chips to prevent them from losing their rank. Rank meaning Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces, Masters and Grandmasters.For each level or rank completed  you are provided with a new progress bar giving you 2 days to complete. If you do not complete the bar to the next level you drop from say Kings to Queens and so on. You are pressured to go into these larger poker rooms where the buy in is 5 million and of course every room has idiots that go all in on the preflop. You can call his bet and lose everything you worked hard for or you can fold where you will lose 200 thousand chips.The game is carefully worked out for you to lose. Those who do get ahead and make it to the masters or grand masters are idiots who pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to leep them from losing their rank or status. I myself will not pay a dime to these thives. and i certainly don't need a ranking of Grand masters to tell me whether or not i'm good or i actually suck at the game.

OK so here's what I want to know.  Why Me? Or why you? Do u really think that they are isolating just you to lose? What about the other people at the table? This is a serious question I'm asking. It always seems like I'm getting beat on the river and when I fold that's the hand that I should have played even though it was 7-2 offsuit, for example.  Which are considered the worst hole cards to have together.  So I often wonder why I seem to lose when I play as correctly as I know how.  I've often thought that if I'm at a table of nine that I'm the only real person there. That everyone else is a artificial player made by the game.  It can;t be possible but it seems so.   

I always wondered if WSOP is a scam myself. I consider myself a very good player. I never pay into the game purchasing their chip packages. The most i made without purchasing chips was 50 million and then i lost it all int he same night. Every single player was going all in on ridiculous hands. I would have pocket aces and then everyone would be going all in before the flop. So i go all in and lose every time even with great hands like  double aces, Double Kings, or Ace and a King. I honestly believe that WSOP puts their own people or bots in there so people will lose and so they would purchase more chips to prevent their rank from lowering rank means Jacks,Queens, Kings, Aces, Masters and grand masters. WSOP is designed in a way that if you run out of fake money the progress bar to the next level takes a lot longer to acheive and if it is not achieved within a certain time frame you will lose your rank example King to Queen and eventually Jacks. I've been playing for 4 hours straight  tonight  and i have lost every single hand. When i had either 2 kings or 2 aces i would place my bet and sure enough someone has to go all in the prvent me from winning. Every time i lose. It's literally impossible to lose every hand of poker for 4 hours straight unless the game is fixed or controlled. I'm not stupid i play with the free chips they offer every 3 and a half hours and eventually build myself up. My Rank is King III and dispite all these bingo players going all in on the preflop i would say ii've done quite well as a non Bingo player. When you think about it WSOP needs to make a quota to keep their site running so they put in Robots or WSOP employees into the game. These are the ones that go all in with a ridiculous 2 and  7. There is no system when playing with Bingo players. Bingo players with win luck where s Poker players use a considerable amoutnt of strategy..If the entire game room is full of Bingo players it's best to get your tail out of there because you will lose every time. I know from experience.

98% hands played lost on river 90% if pair Flaped  it’s bottem pair 90% of hole cards are likeJ-2,K-4,7-3 off suited if it’s 4card flap for flush or straight it’s something less than 5% that I get the fifth card  

You have made me pay small and big blades multiple time in a row and where is this random dealing you claim because I sure don’t see it 

i have been watching alot on the poker sites and there all the same 3 different ones are doing the same things 

1stly watch how they go all in at beggining of a match and look at the 1st 3 whole cards .. every single round and every time i see matching cards from the all inner 

2ndly i kept seeing other ppls cards on my screen from time to time .. so i folded instantly but then again it did the same so i went with it to see if it was there cards .. it was ..

i took a few screen shots and documented a few things 

notice how the cards are the same after a few rounds I.e say you get a K of hearts and Q of cubs and you loose on that in the end ..youll get the same cards but different suits and again you loose .. ive written down all there combinations cant loose its well fixed looks random but ppl are so ingrossed in the cards they dont see it ..but i did :)

i loved poker but after i saw the same traits on all the poker sites i been on .. i figured there programmed by the same ppl cuz mostly all i saw was the exact same things on all the sites ..RIGGED proper 

over time i noticed after there down time the cards was different but if you keep looking ... they all turn out the same way and get the same cards but in a different suit and your either ghuanteed to win or loose and just by looking at the 1st 2 cards of yours youll know if you win or not 

for the other players ..well they have turned over whole cards to see if they win and make it look like there betting knowing theyll win ..if you go all in and you have a aa and they have 72 and they go all in each time as ive seen alot and they win .. 

just a scam to get ppl like us to pay for chips but im glad ive knowtaced this as i WONT be going back or paying there fraud pockets

i have a video from a few months back where it shows i was with 1 player left in my match and then a player sat in a seat then a duplicate of the same player on another seat then doing shit to my playing screen .. seriously guys STAY away from em its seriously RIGGED :(


I tried twice to level up from Aces V to Masters 1 but ran out of time, finally had the time over the weekend to spend 37 out of the 48 they give you to try again, 

I made it with 12 hour left and I sat and sat with the green bat TOTALLY full , even the outline around the progression bar and it didn’t level me up until 1.9 BILLION was ran down to 98 MILLION , then I got leveled up and my reward that doesn’t cover one turn of the cards at that level.  

They should offer you the chance to level up and gain a bonus if done in the 48 hours they give you, not take it away as you go, and the faster you level up , the faster they take it away, YOU WOULD EARN YOUR WAY UP, You have to buy chips for that and they have that rigged as well, 

Ever notice if you fold a 2 clubs and 9 diamonds it will show you folded a full house? At the end of the hand. 

Entisment to stay in and loose. The FCC show look into there code, and find that truth, 

like you sad , you spent $1000 not playing power for real money??????, me? $300 before I said I might as well play for real

Tom, you have to reqlize that this game is nowhere near a real poker experience. You realize that AK is only a good hand when playing HEADS UP, not in a multiway pot with a bunch of fish calling with any 2 cards. This scenario does not play out at REAL MONEY tables, where people usually play good cards or fold. If you get into a multiway pot with AK the your chances of winning are going way down. 

You want to play fish bingo, then this is your game.. but it is not how real money poker is played. If you want your AK to win, just shove pre-flop and hope you only get 1 caller, but someone will always call off with some shit hand and win.. this is just the way she goes in these loose play money games.

Total scam. I've never won AK. statistically, that's not possible. I've never seen more wins on the river. Was dealt four straight hands of 29. It's like an algorithm. If you have a 56, the flop will be all face cards, which you can't bet on. If you get face cards as your hole cards, the flop will show up as an open ended straight. This app sucks. 

I won  $33 million pot this morning, which i completely gave all back within an hour and have not made a hand better than one pair all day and the number of people that go all in before the flop just ruins the game.

I think some of them are bots.

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