WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Player Review: Is WSOP a Scam?

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Been playing wsop for about 13 months now. For the last 10 months i have repeatedly lost every single time ive play never getting ahead on here anymore.

I've spent literaly. $1,000 buying chips. Not even two days ago lost two 13 million chip packages within  five mniutes apart. Never winning but 3 hands.

I've bought the.52.99 1.4 billion chip package and lost it in less than 9 hours. I just let the game where i lost all i had never winning one single hand. Its not a bad streak.

Support won't help. They never respond. Out of over 15 emails ive sent along with proof via screenshots and video ive gotten a response twice. This game will no longer allow me to matter if i spend $100.000 on chips I cannot get ahead on wsop anymore... started from the moment i made my very first purchase......coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. But wsop is no longer a game I advise anyone to get...not worth the hassle or the money..

At level 226 i stay at a 0 balance due to not getting a winning hand. Cards are always good enough to call or bet but never win.. Flush draws...straght draws...trips...doesn't matter... I always lose on the river 98% of the time now. Winning a hand and losing 30 after it.

Wsop should be taken off the market. Cheating players out their money.

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Like most of you, I have come to the same conclusion. I started out buying .99 cents worth of chips and proceeded to win based on my skill as a poker player. Got up 130,000,000 million in chips. I'd win some, lose a few, fold often applying everything I have read and learned playing this game. But then, in a 3 hour period, I went from 130,000,000 to zero losing hand after hand. I'd be dealt 2 aces, 2 kings and watch people go in with a 2 4 and build straights or fulls houses time after time while my good hand turns to nothing. 

It would be one thing if I were dealt crap cards which I'd fold right away but I would consistently get great cards to that force me to stay in, match bets and then not manifest while others with cards any player would fold, would continue to raise and raise and build amazing hands that I rarely every saw happen playing tables. 

I believe many of the players are fake, created by the game to contribute to the scam. 


Dajte mi bilon

So if we are all losing these chips we buy, then who has them?

This game is a total ripoff. I have 2 accounts one royal diamond and another plat acct. both were money buyers and both were well up into 20 billion. 

Then it all stopped..if I bought 99.00 In chips I’d win a few good hands but ultimately I’d lose..I still have a fair amount of cash on both accts. However I stopped buying chips.

i play small tables and play conservative..I avg out even at best but when I start to lose..I quit.

i hit a streak I habd on for a time and bail..


STAY AWAY FROM THE SLOT will suck the money from you quick..

once wsop knows your a spender..they will shut your game down to get your to spend more..FACT.


Funny comments, strong poker player and loose? Spend real money on fake chips? Lol..You need to read a few books, especially on internet poker.On the internet there are many chasers. You see a ton more hands, and the chasers will catch them.If everybody just calls the big blind, the games turns into bingo.I fold 70% preflop, I play the smaller tables, and have over 300 million. I've play an hour before and didn't play a hand. When I bet, I'm aggressive.When I double triple up or more, I bank.When on a Loosing streak, I quit.But I mostly play for the social aspect..I've seen high level players with no money, I look at their stats, and that tells the story.Good luck, play for the fun of it. DONT BUY CHIPS...

If You ask me it's a stupid Idea to purchase chips with your own cash! there are 3 sites I know of that gives you free chips, So you don't need to spend your own cash use these sites to give you chips!!  I've been playing almost 2 years and have Never had a problem with me losing chips! I only lose chips if I make bad decisions in the game and I agree with Chris It's not the game to blame it's Yourself! Learn how to play and maybe you will not have to worry about your chips disappearing! 

Everything we do is a choice we make and we can't blame the game because things don't go our way
mega bonus pls

I too think somebody should start a class action lawsuit.  This site and so many more shouldn't be allowed to sell virtual chips because it's nothing more than an end run around the laws against online gambling.  There is no fairness in play and everything is based on everybody having a zero chip balance in an attempt at stealing money from anybody dumb enough to purchase chips.  One note that I play many FB poker sites and they all are doing the same exact thing.  They let you win for the first few levels you reach and then they change the parameters and you are just another schmuck and potential victim.  I played Doubledown Casino poker and I was dealt AA, AK, AQ, or AJ over 300 hands in A ROW!  I had over 3 billion chips.  This is when IGT had just bought Double Down Casino for $500 million dollars.  Well, to get dealt AA, AK, AQ, or AJ 300 hands in a row is impossible, but yet it happened and guess what?  I lost EVERY SINGLE HAND.  All the way back to zero chips which $3 billion chips is worth $2500 in real money if you had to purchase them.  This is also the time Facebook changed the player agreement that stated that they can do as they please and play at your own risk.  There is no player protections and this needs to be stopped.  It amounts to legalized online gambling and it's a pure scam to cheat people out of money and WSOP is THE WORST offender amongst them.  I have never purchased any chips for any reason, but I still believe that I should be compensated for intentional infliction of emotional distress, as should everybody else who has ever played and been played by WSOP.  Until somebody initiates a class action lawsuit, I decided to play the other side of the coin and invested $20k in FB stock.  Not bad I had a 30% return my first year.  As long as people are allowed to sell virtual coins on FB, and they do so by playing at their own risk, FB stock will go to the moon until somebody stops them from doing so via a lawsuit or a user/player agreement is made to protect the players who play.  One thing is for sure.  Anybody who has played poker online at any site knows that there isn't a site out there that can be trusted with fair play.  At least I haven't found one yet.  They all operate the exact same way.  Let you win when you first sign up and they get you to share their site with all your friends and once they hit 250,000 players, they flip the switch and everybody has a perpetual zero chip balance.  Like chasing your tail on a daily basis.  But I also agree, WSOP should be taken down as all the site is, is a scam cheating people out of money.

WSOP is Rigged, make no mistake about it it is programmed to bad beat you and take all your chips. It is programmed this way to get people who dont know any better to purchase chip packages when they inevitably lose all their chips to ridiculous bad beats. DO NOT purchase chips! what is the point of spending real money on fake poker anyway (especially when the game is completely rigged to take your chips eventually. New players will win quite a bit and often but then the algorithm kicks in and you cant buy a hand. the program will also set you up by dealing you strong hands like KK AA QQ and AK suited, then you will flop two pair or top pair and a flush or straight draw. Some one will inevitably call you down when you go all in on hands like these and always draw out on you.

I am a very strong poker player. i know the odds and i play tight and aggressive poker, yet after playing wsop and games like it on facebook (zynga, world poker club etc) I have found that they are all rigged the same way. it is not poker, it is their business. the app is free, so they make their money by selling chip packages. so just understand that these games are no programmed to deal fair hands, they are not random card generators but will predictably deal rigged hands that make players go broke. ALL players will eventually go broke if they play wsop long enough, its the programming and skill has nothing to do with that. Ive lost with every concievable strong hand. I even flopped quads and lost on the river to better quads! Impossible right? well not on wsop it is programmed that way and it really is a shame.

I hope one day someone will get a clue and realize that a game should be made that is not rigged for "entertainment" only and that there are ways to make money besides preying off of ignorant people who cluelessly buy chip packages. Do yourself a favor and save your money. I have gone from 0 chips to over 20million chips over 10 times on my account and inevitably lose to ridiculous odds defying river cards to lose all every time. I play for entertainment only and have no dellusions that the game is not completely rigged. you are going to lose your bank roll no matter what you do on these games because of the programming, there is nothing you can do but try and limit it by building a million chip bankroll and then playing micro stakes, but mark my words you will experience the never ending losing streak anyway. Dont buy chips! save your money. you would be better taking that $100 and playing real poker at a casino or online. at least there you have a CHANCE to win real money. Buying chips to play fake poker is in my opinion, just dumb. 

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