WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Player Review: Is WSOP a Scam?

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Been playing wsop for about 13 months now. For the last 10 months i have repeatedly lost every single time ive play never getting ahead on here anymore.

I've spent literaly. $1,000 buying chips. Not even two days ago lost two 13 million chip packages within  five mniutes apart. Never winning but 3 hands.

I've bought the.52.99 1.4 billion chip package and lost it in less than 9 hours. I just let the game where i lost all i had never winning one single hand. Its not a bad streak.

Support won't help. They never respond. Out of over 15 emails ive sent along with proof via screenshots and video ive gotten a response twice. This game will no longer allow me to matter if i spend $100.000 on chips I cannot get ahead on wsop anymore... started from the moment i made my very first purchase......coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. But wsop is no longer a game I advise anyone to get...not worth the hassle or the money..

At level 226 i stay at a 0 balance due to not getting a winning hand. Cards are always good enough to call or bet but never win.. Flush draws...straght draws...trips...doesn't matter... I always lose on the river 98% of the time now. Winning a hand and losing 30 after it.

Wsop should be taken off the market. Cheating players out their money.

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U do realize when you have loose callers playing q5 suited flush over flush is going to happen along with countless other bad beats
smh how incredibly rediculios
Did you ever try tipping monica? U know that works right?lmfao
This is so crazy 56 pages of people crying cheat! How can i be the only one not to. I guarantee everyone that reads this is going to swear up and down i work for them! Fist off im not ur average player on wsop. I was a micro player online prior to black Friday where i maintained 30%roi played 60+ hours a week. Sometimes 20 hour sessions. I read books. I joinedblogs like 2plus2 and pokerjunkie. I played a solid TAG style. I then developed a solid LAG style (i know i know might as well be Japanese)and began playing brick amd morter. First a home game that i crushed the began traveling to casinos playing 1/2 made 25k first year part time. Im retired from the game now. But i have sA girlfriend who i taught and thought it would be fun if i could get her to my level and we could travel and crush tables together. So that's why i got on wsop. I got her on because in most play money its not good practice because people play completely goofy.(allin allin aliin never fold. Yes this happens on wsop but as a whole its not. Most people trying to actually play what they believe is correct) Well on wsop it actually quite simar to the way fish play at casinos. Dont have any understanding or very little understanding certainly no clue to the mathematics of the game or even a hint to what GTO even refers to much less appying it to their strategy. So let's just talk about bankroll management, i know i know what exactly is that. Well if you want to be successful at the wsop app which in turn you may think you could turn a profit in real life you will have to have this skill in order to succeed first and foremost. (Read up on gambler vs banker)I just saw someone go from 500mill to 6 billion in a few hours and lost it all just as fast. Niether of which is remotely possible with proper bankroll management. The win or the loss. Didn't any of u guys watch rounders? Lmfao. (Note to tv babies: watching this movie and picking up some 1990s poker Hollywood adulterated lingo will do zero for you holdem game)although watching the opening scene it should be clear of a good reason to never put your entire stake in play. Furthermore using good bankroll management playing 500/1mill which is 125mill max buyin u should have a bankroll of 40buyins but most players on here (new to the game)should be 100×maxbuyins. Thats 12.5billion. If u already have mad skills (lol) then 20times max buyin is perfect for dominating wsop app field of players. Ive been on WSOP app about 7 months never spent one penny. I have close to 10billion. I built it very slow. I donate to my girlfriend so she doesnt have to buy chips. These clueless monkeys on the app dont even understand whats going on when the two of us are in a pot and i bet 90 million she calls then i fold on next street without showdown. Calling me donk this and that with 200mill in thier bank and im sitting with 10 billion. Betting huge so only she calls. Then donate and fold while they laugh and call me names. These monkeys on here instead of spending thousands on a game that will never reep any financial gains. Besides the experience for future gains. Might think of picking up a book or join a blog that will further their game instead of joining a blog to pat each other on the back congratulating each other that you too have figured it out. Its a cheat! Class action lawsuit! Do you know how ridiculous that is? Did u have any idea what these WSOP makes from real tournaments? And real money site in ac and Nevada? Can u imagine the loss of their integrity was in question? U realize hole card cameras are in use if they wete cheating why bother with this goofy money??? And to the guy that posted the bs about u can see the cards. He watched the utube video. My god people are so stupid! watch the vid this goofball is refering to and if u cant tell me what is horribly wrong with it and cant debunk it i see why you cannot win. Read the comments to this video if you really cant figure it out. Again try reading a book joining a blog learn the game. Because believe u me in order to spot a cheat u have to first become a shark. Noone wants to admit they are a fish. Everyone wants to be a shark. But it takes a lot more that playing the game and believing ur a shark to actually be one. Its one of the most complicated games in gaming history. Just ask chess master Ivo Donev what he thinks of poker...Just keep it simple guys learn how to play TAG and use excellent bankroll management and you may find things go much different. When you began to notice the rake and all the gifts and rank up money is just your rakeback...well when u start to notice these small details. And how the site promotes you to play outside of your bankroll. You then ladies and gentlemen might actually be on your way to becoming a winning player on your way to sharkhood. With study, work, patients, and control only then will u ever be at the top of the gambling pyramid. Its a game that certainly isnt fun when played correctly... Its more of a job. The only kicker might not be awinning day. Cheers,Raibead

I totally agree.  The WSOP site was forcing me to bet/check/etc. BEFORE I even got to see my cards.  Their support said to try a different browser.  Same thing on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  After my experiences with their site, I have lost all respect for WSOP, and will not even watch their TV show anymore.  Since its all "play money" on the site, I expected a fair and honest gane.  I didn't get one.  I'm done with the WSOP.


I totally agree.  The WSOP site was forcing me to bet/check/etc. BEFORE I even got to see my cards.  Their support said to try a different browser.  Same thing on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  After my experiences with their site, I have lost all respect for WSOP, and will not even watch their TV show anymore.  Since its all "play money" on the site, I expected a fair and honest gane.  I didn't get one.  I'm done with the WSOP.

hola juego WSOP hace meses pero hace unos 15 dias la pagina no me sale activa digame hay algun problema espero su repuesta ok buen dia

Lol I have spent 1000s on this game just to end up broke. I play zanga and a couple others. Have spent a fraction of what I have on wsop and have 30 bill in zanga and 10 bill in the other.

wsop is an infection. And if you pay cash to buy chips, your a fool. I have 200 friends all diamond players and all of them are broke. Sure they will spend 100 and hit the slot and bank. But the game will suk the life out of you. I always thought zanga was trollish, but tbh I do rather well. Wsop is dying. I have tried to talk with them about game mechanics. But they always throw the , questionable, fair play act bs.

play zanga, more rewarding imho. Wsop can Fro.

like I said, in a diamond player, near rolyal diamond. And I get crapped on at every turn. Better off at a real casino. At least there u have the possibility of gaining real cash for your investment. Not spending 99.00 and getting 3 hours of 3/6 , 9/2 etc etc..


wsop isn’t a scam. They just want you to pay to lose. Lol right?!

Same here

Ridiculous scam.  The hands are so obviously rigged it's laughable.  When will there be a class action lawsuit against these guys?  This app is pure fraud.  

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