WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Player Review: Is WSOP a Scam?

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Been playing wsop for about 13 months now. For the last 10 months i have repeatedly lost every single time ive play never getting ahead on here anymore.

I've spent literaly. $1,000 buying chips. Not even two days ago lost two 13 million chip packages within  five mniutes apart. Never winning but 3 hands.

I've bought the.52.99 1.4 billion chip package and lost it in less than 9 hours. I just let the game where i lost all i had never winning one single hand. Its not a bad streak.

Support won't help. They never respond. Out of over 15 emails ive sent along with proof via screenshots and video ive gotten a response twice. This game will no longer allow me to matter if i spend $100.000 on chips I cannot get ahead on wsop anymore... started from the moment i made my very first purchase......coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. But wsop is no longer a game I advise anyone to get...not worth the hassle or the money..

At level 226 i stay at a 0 balance due to not getting a winning hand. Cards are always good enough to call or bet but never win.. Flush draws...straght draws...trips...doesn't matter... I always lose on the river 98% of the time now. Winning a hand and losing 30 after it.

Wsop should be taken off the market. Cheating players out their money.

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Same here

Ridiculous scam.  The hands are so obviously rigged it's laughable.  When will there be a class action lawsuit against these guys?  This app is pure fraud.  

I replied back to you with a youtube link I saw but I don't think this site accepts links. Anyhow, I know why you, me and everyone else is losing at every hand of poker. I just saw a YouTube video that has changed my WSOP experience for good. I may never go back to WSOP again. iPhone users are able to see everyone's cards. There's a glitch in their system that allows iPhone users to go into the chat window and type in They don't click enter or send they just leave it like that and that allows them to view everyone's cards. Go to youtube and type in   See Your Opponent's Cards in WSOP iOS!!!  The video explains everything so much clearer.

Everyone. The reason why you all including me are losing at every hand of poker is because there's a glitch in the WSOP site that allows iPhone users to see everyone's cards. They type in a code in the chat window of WSOP. They type in in the chat window but they don't press enter they leave it as is and this allows them to view everyone's cards. There's a guy on YouTube that changed my WSOP experience completely. I may never ever go back to WSOP again after seeing that video

Well you are all right. This site is so obviously rigged its insulting. If you ever buy chips here it is your fault .

Ha! Ha!. I was in a poker room on WSOP and I lost again but I was able to accurately tell the room who was going to win. DO I have a gift? No. It's recognizing WSOP employees who bet like 5 million on a pre-flop while everyone else before him bets 200 thousand..Then another guy did it who had an avatar figure just like the other guy and an actual Facebook account holder. and so I told the room that he is going to win. I had people saying WTF no he isn't. Sure enough, he won. He placed another outrageous bet before the pre-flop and I said to the room that he was going to win and sure enough he did. The owners of WSOP are laughing at us calling us idiots for playing against their own people and bots programmed to make outrageous large bets before preflop.WSOP has to have a way to monitor their income. WSOP has it set up so that the better you become the higher the rank you will get. This proves to everyone else that you are great at Poke. When they see a rank of ACES or Masters it intimidates a player whos rank is at Jacks. When you play poker on WSOP it's not just playing poker it's to build up your rank as quickly as possible. Ranks and prizes keep you going back more and more becoming addicted to it. The employers of WSOP and bots you're playing against have no worries about losing. Their money is free. and continues to be free. You take a player who invested 12 dollars on 40 thousand chips he or she is going to play very carefully whereas a bot or an Employee of WSOP will carelessly make outrageous large bets knowing that if they lose WSOP will just stop them up again. It doesn't cost WSOP any money to top up their bots and employees with virtual chips. It's probably done automatically so when if they do by any chance get low on their chips WSOP will just top their chips lol. 

It's funny you mentioned the Gold Wheel. I've been playing WSOP for years and never ever have I landed on it. It's always under 100,000 that I won with the wheel and because my ranking is Aces I will get about 1200,000 with the wheel spin and nothing more. I was at 84 million yesterday and today I dropped down to 30 million losing every hand or dropping because of garbage hands. When I get double aces someone wins with a straight. Once in a while, I was dealt with an ok hand like an 8 and a 10 and every time I lose. For 3 hours straight I was losing continuously. How is that even possible? Last night I was winning it big and today I'm losing every hand. Then you have those bingo players that go all in on a preflop and they always win. I feel the games fixed so one day you win big and the next day you lose big. WSOP has to have a way to control people's winning. If they allow good players to win every time then WSOP will not make a dime off them and the ones who are losing every game will just say the heck with WSOP and go elsewhere to play. If WSOP gave them the hope of winning every second day they may be inclined to pay into the game once in a while. I just can't get over the fact that I was at 84 million and in 3 hours I went down to 30 million. WSOP has it set up so when you take a break from playing you risk the chance of losing your rank in my case going down to Kings. Lousy cooks

Also, has anybody ever hit the gold space on the wheel? In 3 years ive never once gotton it. Has anybody? Whag are the odds of nevef one time hitting it in over 1000 spins?
Class action is what needs to be done, everybody I talk to says the same thing that's not a coincidence we all need to get together on this
I agree, as soon as i purchase a chip package I'll go play it'll draw me in big hands and every single time I lose all of my chips if I have a Full House they will have the 4 of a kind if I have a straight flush theres is bigger and this happens everytime i purchase chips and like you say always on the river. And its not coincidental it happens everytime i make a purchase. IAnd it will tell me i have a poker recall package will im playing but when i leave the table kts not there. That happened so much with the xmas pack, i wohld mail and email complaints but replys were hrdly ever and when id get one they would tell me im mistaken. I've been playing this game for several years I know and it tells me I have a package or not but they insult your intelligence anyway. I'd rather go play for real money online and lose to there at least I really have a chance of winning and I actually do a lot here just pay money to get tips so they can get more money more money more money

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