WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker It's not the game... it's you

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This is my first comment on any sorta thread or message board or whatever this is considered. If you have ever popped on here to share a bad beat story you might consider having your head examined. Your brain is failing because you think a single person on the planet, much less perfect strangers, care that you got all in with AK and the other guy had QJ and rivered a straight and won the pot. NO ONE CARES. And if you've ever typed or uttered the phrase "it won't let me win" when referring to this app, I feel bad for you because you have no idea that you're a loser. It's a game. Most sane folks are not pumping real money into it for fake/pretend chips. This makes it a little tougher to consistently win, but mostly you lose because you're not good at this game. Good luck and hope to see you at my table soon

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