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Wsop redeem


FATHER'S DAY 2018 ENTER IN REDEEM YOU WILL GET 30000 CHIPS I tried this and it works so hopefully you can get your chips just like I did good luck club on

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Chips? May i have some?


May I have some chips please lol I don't know why but for some reason here lately I can't catch a break I was up to almost 50 million but that all went

  • Posted by DonaldBreazeale
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Wsop game news


I love the site I've I've I've I've I'veI've been every time I come toevery time I come to the I II just I justI just can't thisthis

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Previously I requested permission from Game Hunter admin to post my article. Because I can not see my previous posts. Either I broke the rules or other causes.

  • Posted by RaraRuru
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Chip count errors


On 12/14/17, Joshua From WSOP Support wrote:> Hi,>> I kindly inform you that I have checked your bankroll's history, and I was> able to see that

  • Posted by ChuckWinesett
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Why WSOP dont share the winners of their event, including MEGA BONUS JACPOT, CROWN TABLE, SP GIVEAWAY, 50 LUCKY GIVEAWAY on their fans page. there are no

  • Posted by SangaSerang
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Bluffin Money


Bluffing money.when they think you got some and you dont so you just keep beating until everybody, but its always that one person who trying to be the bad boy

  • Posted by DeontaeNicholas
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