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I paid $20.47 for chips yesterday morning and still have not received chips . Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, can you please tell me did you end up getting what u paid for?

 I contacted the help team and they want receipts from iTunes which I don't know how to get, I showed them a copy of my bank statement where u can clearly see the money has been taken but it only says iTunes not wsop so I don't know what else to do , not happy 

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I purchased chips a week ago and still have not gotten them. They ran me around asking for reciepts I did npt know how to show them so what do I do now just give up?
Over the past 3 years I've bought chips several times that I did not get credit for not happy!!! It's not about the money 3.99 or5.99 it's the principal ! A system that doesn't work can't understand the situation sent receipts no reply
Just wanted 20$ in chips they took 40 have not recived
Just paid 27 pound for big amount of chips took money from my account and got no chips !!!!

How we can report wsop

They took 3.5 b and couple weeks ago I buy 100 dollars and they never give me those chips wtf

I have paid for $5.99 worth of chips didnt recieve them same thing bank statement shows they took money 11 13 17 today
Give me back my moneys

You can get the receipt from the same email address that links your iTunes account. I have been stiffed and can't even find the links to report it to them. 

Paid me my chips

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