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I’m excited to take a look at some of these Promo codes! I enjoy looking at the tricks and everybody’s coming up with so that we can get a few free things while we’re paying for game it self.. I really love the game I just got a storyline but I appreciate how we’re given an opportunity to grab some chips on the way thank you.. I pay a pretty good deal of cash to play the poker and I don’t mind..I enjoy the free stuff as well.. Keep it real guys and good luck on the game don’t buy any games for poker.. If it gets weird and uncomfortable with my items, I’m out.. Keep up the good work!

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Promo codes never work why is that. Chip me please.
I need chips plz
Can I please have more chips im really in need ..thank you
Chips please
I need chips please!
May I have as many chips as possible I love the game, and I can't keep my face out of the phone for playing it, but now I've been at a stand still, because I don't have any chips, thank you in advance, looking to have 100000000 chips if possible.
chips1,000,000,000 please
Mega Bounus please!
May i have some chips please
Unforgettable day when my son & i made final table at Bellagio in a $1000 buy-in I didnt last long but my son got 4th place

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