WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Playing the blinds strategies that work for me

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What do you call good hole cards.
If your whole cards are a pair of aces remember, eight other players all trying anything such as a 2-7 or a  3-9  unsuited. Wild players will stay in and you will be fighting against anybody trying to get a possible two pair or other players looking for a possible straight. Most of the time a pair as your whole cards will not mean you're going to win. By using the strategy that you believe a small or mid pair or even a high pair are great cards and making a very large raise you will be donating chips to the pot over, over and over again. It is Better to look at the flop at the lowest cost possible to see where your hand is going. Yes a high pair is a good starting pair however remember how many times you have lost with a pair of aces or kings to two pair of low cards  so don't start a war just to see the flop.

Please always remember when you make a large raise what are you raising to gain. If you are only raising just to win the blinds you are not making a wise decision the more chips in the pot the bigger the win, let it build up if you think you have good cards after the flop. 

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thanks for the information. I  never thought of it that way. That's some good advice. 

Sure, of course useful....but More for noobs.......its ground knowledge of playing Poker......without knowing this, better Play with urself

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