WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Scam game and abusive to players this game should be banned

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This game is obviously control by the administrators. There is no way in the world someone plays bingo over and over and everyone goes in and the bingo players keeps winning. Is a scam to take away your chips and hope that idiots purchase fake chips with real money., and if they purchase I could imagine they do the same to the idiots that purchase is like a cycle. Is humiliating and frustrating what goes on with this application. I have seen it with my own eyes on the table. A person was purchasing chips and every time he went against the bingo player he did not win a hand. Than the idiot refills the chips again and keep losing. The bingo player had to be one of the robots they put against u. Never in my life have I ever seen any cards flip in favor of a Moran player and win with going all in. That is not skills that is stimulation of machine. The more chips you play bingo it goes in favor even with pairs of 72. Unbelievable scam and obvious. But when u write to them they say is control by the casino cards rules and is random flips. My ass random flip to one person on the table that maybe works for this application to rob you blind out of chip hoping you purchase like the fool I saw on the table. Than you earn the bracelet, you lose your chips so fast cause is so hard to get to any level with that fucken bracelet. Is all control by them. I advise people never to purchase chips from this application and if you don't believe me go and think this is a player whining because all players are writing the same review of this application they all call it rigged game. I rate this game one of the worst game I ever played. You want to play a good poker game and this is not one game you will enjoy is rigged by administration as a profit money making, but to the customers is a joke because u are not getting nothing out of this game not even enjoyment. Number one who buys fake chips with real money. U are making them rich and they are going straight to the bank with your hard working money. Hell no mamma did not raise a fool

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This game is rated the worst game ever. U have a bunch of scammers going on on this platform 

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