WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Something that everyone must do

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Everyone must do this no matter what.

This must be done so you can always retrieve lost Info,chips, status or anything that has to do with your WSOP game.

First open up your settings then go to "about WSOP" open this up. Read down you will see "WSOP Id" write down this complete number, if for any reason your game disappears or you raced it for any reason you can contact WSOP give them this number and they can reboot your Complete information all of your status, your rings bracelets chips everything can be restored from its last known setting before it was erased this is very important if you change your phones or your platform you can even use this to re-establish your guest account by giving them the ID number they can reestablish your guest account on any new platform

I hope this information is helpful please pass it on to everyone that you can.

I would welcome any end-all replies that you might have about this post.

Always remember to just have fun and may your day always be prosperous.


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