WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker wont let me collect

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is there something wrong with gamehunters it wont let me collect ... it say i can collect one  time but after that it wont move on to next page to collect ,any help would be good thanks 4help anyone

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Discuss wont let me collect


I can't collect
Need chip pls
Chipsss me pls
Need chips

hi, i found this post from the admins ;)

i think the auto-collector is now to old without any updates to collect automaticly.

Message from us (admins):
We don't know where we are going from here.. Our admins are getting really old, most of us already quit.. But for what is worth thank you for using our site. This is our small little group who just want to play and let the time pass away.. We will try to keep it floating until the end..

looks like no one wants to help !!

yea i look all over the internet to see where the problem but i dont find it , hope some1 help out . 

I have been going through the same thing now for about 4 to 6 weeks I have no idea what the deal is. I'd like some help with it as well if possible?

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