WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Wsop Money tip

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Use two accounts guest and facebook or multiple facebook accounts you will never run out of chips, just load up using all the links in guaranteed at least two million per account. Good Luck and may the God'said Forever be in your favor BTW if you have anything new to help please do I insist

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I would like to play in tournaments but I can't accumalatte enough chips futhermore I wouldn't know what a link wasif it bit me.I aan o!d man recovering from surgery that is how I got interested in wsop game.I have come a long way in 2 weeks if I could get some more chips I would like to play in tournaments


Give me 10 mln

Chips pleaseeeeee
Chips please
Been to code links nothing giving all are old.
I would love to be playing look I'm on disability and getting close to half way mark have meds still left to get and doctor visit help me out. Please one time.
Please give me chips
Please give me chips
Your right Eric have caught people myself exactly same cards you mentioned, they started a bidding war before flop I knew that they were holding pairs, Ak, AQ AA but had exactly what you said but I was fed up them going all in every time before flip I had 3 2 offsuit and said I'm going in with them and end the game come back later, I ended up with full house they drew nothing to there high cards I racked up and got but your right perfect example but got tired of waiting for a normal start to a hand had no idea and normally would not consider betting 3 2 suited much less not suited and soon as hand was over 3 left table all loses lost everything. I think I played one more hand and left. But your right on with that.