WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Wsop no longer stands by the equal and fair pledge they have in writing.

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Wsop is a scam..for me anyways. Have spent over.$1,000 now on chips. Within the last 30 minutes bought 2 chip packages after losing close to 150 mil in minutes to 2 different players who took turns winning every hand on a tabke full. Lost both chip packages within 4 minutes never winning one single hand..this is an everyday occurance for me on wsop. 10 months in a row ive lost 99% of the hands ive called or bet on. First three months of playing I always won. Then I made my first purchase of chips...coincidence??? Havent won since...I have over 500 pics and hours of play by play video proving wsop will no longer allow me to win. Something must be done. Tired of being cheated by an app that is only concerned about a players purchases and not the player. The more I buy the more I lose....I win 1 out of 30 hands..on average. I see players win up to 15 hands in a row and have pics to prove it. Ive played over 140,000 hands and have never won more than three hands in a row and that's only due to players folding. Might have lost if they were to call. Does anyone feel.the same way? Or have any ideas of what is causing such a bad losing streak..can anything be done to change it? And is there anyone outside of wsop and make a complaint about what this app is doing or allowing. I plan on getting a full refund on all my purchases because wsop has a guarantee in writing saying that all players are given and equal and fair chance of winning but nothing is fair or equal for me to lose so quick...

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Mega bonus please


Randy I lol you are one of the idiots that purchase they love living stuck now they don't want u to win cause they know u will purchase like an idiot is fucken fake chips u should be embarrassed for purchasing fake chips with real money is how they get u. You fell into their trap. U okay with emotions then u get angry then u purchase. All well another fool felt for the trap of this rigged scam game. But the worst of it is that Facebook allows this to go on and supports this game on their platform. This game scams customers out of chips and idiots like u will purchase 

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