WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Wsop no longer stands by the equal and fair pledge they have in writing.

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Wsop is a scam..for me anyways. Have spent over.$1,000 now on chips. Within the last 30 minutes bought 2 chip packages after losing close to 150 mil in minutes to 2 different players who took turns winning every hand on a tabke full. Lost both chip packages within 4 minutes never winning one single hand..this is an everyday occurance for me on wsop. 10 months in a row ive lost 99% of the hands ive called or bet on. First three months of playing I always won. Then I made my first purchase of chips...coincidence??? Havent won since...I have over 500 pics and hours of play by play video proving wsop will no longer allow me to win. Something must be done. Tired of being cheated by an app that is only concerned about a players purchases and not the player. The more I buy the more I lose....I win 1 out of 30 hands..on average. I see players win up to 15 hands in a row and have pics to prove it. Ive played over 140,000 hands and have never won more than three hands in a row and that's only due to players folding. Might have lost if they were to call. Does anyone feel.the same way? Or have any ideas of what is causing such a bad losing streak..can anything be done to change it? And is there anyone outside of wsop and make a complaint about what this app is doing or allowing. I plan on getting a full refund on all my purchases because wsop has a guarantee in writing saying that all players are given and equal and fair chance of winning but nothing is fair or equal for me to lose so quick...

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Discuss Wsop no longer stands by the equal and fair pledge they have in writing.


There is a cheat where you can see all of the players cards and also another cheat where you win almost every hand. You just need to be at either coding or following bs instructions
I feel the say way. They also never paid me when they were doing the 5 mil invite friend. My friend followed my invite link in front of me and downloaded app installed it and stated playing. Their reply ways when friend signs up you will get the bonus. I gave them even his Facebook name and everything. 3rd have won several rounds in Paris tournament for the ring they have me down as only winning once. They post to my Facebook everytime I win so you can even see it in my facebook 1 week no replies to that. Last but sure not least! Those of you saying your money is disappearing from your account sure is! I have snapshots! If you close the app and reopen there will be money gone on 2 out of 10 times. Talking about millions and the worst is when you update that's when they take the most money. Before updating the app take a snapshot just for you to see. Because they wont give you any of the money back. They tell you they will check then nothing! I have picture after picture. But I have friends on there. I just wont spend another penny! Or even waist my time trying to win a ring. It's all a waist of time when all they do is set you back on purpose. Just like also moved up 3 levels in one day and that night they sent me back on level. Whatever! For newbies it's fun because all you do is win win win! No matter what you do you cant lose. But the longer you play the more you will start seeing everything people that have been playing everyday for longer are saying about the game. Dont waiste your money on this app. not worth it all! For those of you at gamehunters I thank you for everything you guys do. For all the free chips and for allowing us to Express our feelings.

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your probably getting hacked like me

I no what you mean. I used to win a lot and since I bought chips  that's went by by.

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