WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker WSOP Tips for New Players

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WSOP Tips and Tricks

We have compiled all tips & tricks from the WSOP loading screen. This might be helpful to all New Players.

  • Mix up your play to keep your opponents guessing!
  • Inside straight after flop? 9% chance hitting your card
  • Flush draw after flop? You have a 35% chance of hitting your flush
  • The odds of being dealt pocket aces are 220 to 1
  • Earn status points and a Chip bonus every time you level-up
  • Send and receive free chips from your poker buddies
  • Bet big on high-stakes tabled to level up faster
  • Playtika Rewards: Status up for bigger & better benefits
  • Pocket deuces have slightly better odds to win over AK pre-flop
  • Send chip gifts to your friends and they’ll return the favor!
  • Improve your play with the most extensive stats tracking in any poker game!
  • Spin & Win chips in between hands with the slot machine
  • Collect Free Chips every 4 hours
  • Respin the Mega Bonus Wheel to Win Big
  • Play with friends! Invite them to join you at any table
  • Invite New Friends to Play WSOP and unlock 50,000 bonus chips!
  • In omaha, you must use exactly 2 of 4 hole cards
  • In Omaha, you must use exact 3 community cards to complete your hand
  • Challenge yourself! Raise the stakes for a competitive experience
  • Checkout your Playtika Rewards Benefits
  • View the ranking of Poker Hands
  • Use chips to play and buy gifts
  • Pad your bankroll with great deals in the Chip Store


More Tricks:

  • Login to our site and Pad your bankroll by collecting free chips from our WSOP Free Chips  page (It's the summary of all free chips daily)


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Who did the stats and how many players were at table. Since numbers change everything. There should an *asterisk* beside the ones with the percentage of flush, straight, etc. Bc the odds ain't the same at a 9 table and a 5 table or if you're facing one other player or 3. I could be wrong but isn't there 52 cards in deck and 52/9 is diff then 52/5 right ? What about 52/2 and 52/4 . Even if you just do hold cards a 9 table is 18 cards and a 5 table is 10. So how's the stats the same with 8 more or 8 less cards. Just an example but.....


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