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Hi There!

Is anyone else having issues trying to autocollect? Ive been away for a few days so I'm not sure if this has been addressed yet..

Thank you inadvance for any help/guidance!!

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Yes, I cant either. Why is everything so hard with these people.

I did some messing around... Browser is not the issue- i tried a few. Time is not the issue-i did 2 minutes.

The issue is that you actually have to physically click the X or collect when you redeem a code... Not sure howto get past that one :/


not working for me.


They make everything as hard as possible so that you get frustrated with it and just BUY chips. Any roadblock they can throw at us to get us to BUY chips! GREEDY!!!!

This sucks now what do we do 


Not working for me either

I actually did a complaint with DDC that there were too many steps to try to collect chips. I figured that was the problem :/ They didnt care, said theyd make a note of it :////

Cant get my free chips

well they jst lost a shtload of players! even when you click amout it desnt work...time for a new game!

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