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Our name is #1 Canadians... We are at the Gold level and are allowed 50 players, we have 12. Also could use friends too. Any help would be appreciated. Of course, you don't Have to be Canadian, but....our motto is ' #1 this side of the 49th parallel
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Let's do this
We Still need players, Dave here from #1 Canadians, we are at the second tier of Gold in the league now, we are allowed 60 player's but, alas, have only 4.(whine, snivel )., we're all dedicated and play daily so if you play daily too it's very possible to receive 8 million plus at week's end , every week. We need Teammates...we'd love to have you., it's just a name, you don't have to be Canadian to be a (#1 Canadian) but you'd probably be happier if you were.
Hey Dave I'm in! What's the name of the group so I can join???
Never mind Dave! I see the name!
Hi, how do I join ? not sure where to go or do ? thanks tania
# 1 Canadians

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