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I have spent $1000's of real money playing DoubleU gaming APP's. They get away with it because they are based out of Korea. They pay no taxes here in USA. They don't treat everyone the same as I have it on different devices.

They change the games to lose right after realeased. They changed my gift box and gold pick box to percentages because I was getting $5 million a day, now I can't.  They took away the clubs, so we can't talk or get extra coins.If you go to there web site, DoubleU gaming in Korea,  I used maps, you can see the thrive on non-manipulated games and their motto is creepy. The only way to fight back is for everyone to stop buying coins. Google and DoubleU have recently been sued, I  didn't get involved because my state don't qualify. says they make BILLIONS.  Reading reviews says it all. We need to find a way to get together on this. If you have idea's PLEASE let me know. I'm sick of loosing!!!

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