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How to get Free Family Farm RC & Rewards

Tips & Tricks on how to get Free Family Farm RC & Rewards. Increase the amount of Family Farm RC you get with this guide. Join us to get more active neighbors.

  • Posted by JessieME
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Family Farm: Copper-occhio Special Mission Guide

New Family Farm Copper-occhio Special Mission. This Guide will help you complete the mission, the guide is divided by levels and tips about requirements and steps.

  • Posted by JessieME
  • 4,235
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RCs A urgent must need

I just cannot get ahead without RCs, I cannot afford it. I feel facebook should give more, when you have millions of people around the world investing money

  • Posted by user1542330089
  • 1,787
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Welcome Family Farm Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
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Suggest a Forum Category

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Getting Help

  • Started by: JudyBamfordShpe
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Family Farm Loading Issues

  • Started by: AnneAnderson
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Salt For Game

  • Started by: TracyHelton
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Howdy Farmers, did you know that Darryl sleeps with his socks on but Tasha takes hers off to go to bed?! We have a Farmtastic sock debate! And we want to know: Do you wear socks to bed?! yes! #teamDarryl no for #teamTasha Or if you are one of those farmers who lose socks all the time, don't worry! A brand-new Toe Socks Machine is on the way! Stay tuned! ►


Howdy Farmer! ‍ Can you guess where Tasha is?! ► The new special mission 'Aardwolf Antics' awaits you! Online from 19/01/2021 & it lasts 17 days. Unlocks at level 25! Final Reward: Farm Aid Pack or Maqui Tree! New Item: .../FamilyFarmCommunity/posts/3531113456986302?__xts__[0]=68.ARCjl0-WC8UC7X6m-jKZ8bMyZIm6OF3lNNIDW1T1yOIsMnh3GxFQN_l9lJOB_12BN0pav1-4QppA0xgC0SkngSpUEHH0H3Ce_77kZR43ovz2IXIK8z5Mf5ok0dmiZhVckG4YC_ynsma3Vu_UKyrUqzauo5wjoxNUsCrxU-NCBkFsERVjesRFAyAioOMZrytqfiPojHmVWWu8V5sxmUIzltk76M-YiiTVqXq49oSfj-Q_e4p_uNB7NDU_hZGVnMPj2X0Qwg9MumiLbqJkmnPj5ma3vDJ8EXHE4P1fS7R2PiTu0RE8n3lGhg


Howdy Farmers! Are you doing any indoor or outdoor activities to enjoy this winter so far?! Check out and use the Winter Frame! Let's play a special fanpage game! The upcoming gift will change depending on the number of farmer who are using the frame!! If we get from 0 to 500 people using the frame, everyone will get 3 Organic Fertilizers! If we get from 500 to 1000 people using the frame, everyone will get 150 OP! If we get from 1000 to 3000 people using ...the frame, everyone will get 1 RC! If we get over 3000 people using the frame, everyone will get 1 RC + 3 Organic Fertilizer + 150 OP! Don't wait any longer & show off those FARMTASTIC smiles... Say CHEESE!


Howdy Farmers, on this album you can find some tips and much more about our farmtastic game!


[RC ACTIVITY] ! Howdy, Farmers!!! Outer Space Visitors have landed on the farm! Can you guess which Outer Space Visitor is hiding behind the mosaic... A or B? ► Don't forget to leave your SNSID!


Howdy, Farmers! Claim your weekend gift here! ► Farmers! Make sure to check out your game's RC notifications and Automation! - Remember to set the RC notification to ''0'', this way you will get a notification each time you click on an item that needs RC, or set it to any other limited amount if you don't want to get the notification! - If you have missing products, kindly check your game's Automation to see which Machines, Anim...als, Groves and Fishing Ponds are using the OP to produce items. Click on the arrow from your OP bar. Click on Hide/Show to see which Machines, Animals, Groves, and Fishing Ponds are using the OP Farmer, if after modifying your preferences in your settings, you're still missing items or RC, do not hesitate to contact us through our help and support team! (Find it at the bottom of your game screen)


Howdy Farmers! Do you think there is life beyond this world? An Outer Space Visitor has landed on the farm! Let's go and check out the Visitors from Beyond! ► Online from 15/01/2021 00:00 & lasts 17 days! Unlocks at level 30! New Items: - Banana Pop Machine: costs 4000 coins, unlocks at level 30, produces Banana Pop in 60 s..../FamilyFarmCommunity/posts/3522779577819690?__xts__[0]=68.ARAElnizUCp6d1hLFVBUDstYN16YR7pdIyfmRpSvPumKDR6wP07u2noRIXFdphuf5jS4donVqtBlCv0FcJFvVA0YYaxDcQJzwtpXkPY15m4i4PKFVnNitSK26EDmj2EfAvoNaycZEF2Vyb_JMObxQY4LXJjdVZ4m6ZBcYdntlAe-WwFt75uYQmGeCzVJxLcYYggMQ1I77ssa4XemHmhPH9cjp_mu0uZxwa6TxIannMu5JKPEZRfGdhyWw7Dax6R1utByciyl8hDKO5sTsxelV7p4T6mYGc1OQZ7zMY17tOjUXvmEcZskiw


Farmers! Ellie & the Kodkod Habitat need our help! Let's rescue them! Thank you for voting and participating in our Farmtastic fanpage game! The winner is 3 Aerial Adventure Energy - claim them here! ► Online from 14/01/2021 to 19/01/2021. How to play! - Match the identical animals horizontally or vertically! Get random animals by clicking the tiles; the more you match, the more farmtastic rewards you will get! ... - Reach 140 matching cards and get our biggest reward! - You have 3 chances per day, and you can buy more Crystal Keys for more chances! Every round, you can increase your chances for more combinations! Don't forget to redeem your milestone rewards on the Match Reward Board Isn't it fun?! Let's go NOW!


Howdy farmers! Here we go with a Farmtastic fanpage tic tac toe style game! Which item should we use to replace the question mark?! 3 Aerial Adventure Energy or 150 OP? ► The item that replaces the question mark will have three in a row diagonally and will be the upcoming gift! Stay tuned!


Howdy farmers, would you like to visit someone else's dreams?! Mr. Hamster is collecting dreams with a dream catcher! Let's go to the farm and see what he's found! ‍ ► Online from 12/01/2021 to 26/01/2021 Unlocks at level 20! New Items - Hakea Pincushion Tree: costs 12RC, unlocks at level 20, produces Hakea Laurina in 4 h. - Croque Madame Machine: unlocks at LV.1, produces Croque Madame in 60 s. If you miss our final reward, don.../FamilyFarmCommunity/posts/3514057028691945?__xts__[0]=68.ARD7Tfz93dqjGT0nZUtgAT6v3y6cUGhcDiGaZf4m0iSVMFqxFluNmHnTvYYhdKvDA5y_N9LxXF-LkL68EdExHor8-D64cT3zgJbnMtwAQgBcHON55apm7ZP2FielCk25N1RRmcFfopwt5SepLESXow_g8qxv6w3dLxfMSx8nktYaidIh-MjLgLQ0cWTFsJMbVS_0zHKMyj93KI8RhfaMX2sUVSS_ES11nO2eoC8IdCgEd8-ekYs7XNa7vGx8Lj6YaZxHgGcp3r3hwXY_d2-kToXNLmD8gqBEQrJxGUHA4UuYKfAxoIGCHA


Happy Monday Farmer! Have you started to remove your Christmas Decorations?! Or are you going to keep them a bit longer? We wish you a great week ahead! Claim some Bionic Watering Cans here! ►




This RC ACTIVITY is now over! ---- Howdy, Farmers! Our farmtastic clients don't know the way to the Theme Park Store! ► Can you help them choose which path should they take?!


Howdy Farmers, we have seen some of you requesting to play our game on a mobile device, and we want to hear from you! ► Please vote in our poll if you would like to have the option to play on a mobile phone or tablet. Remember to spread the news, the more farmers that vote, the more results we will have to analyze. This poll closes next Thursday the 14th. Hurry up and vote now! ‍ We will count all versions before announcing the final result. Note: While we are analyzing the results, remember it's not yet possible to play from your mobile device.


Howdy, Farmers! If you're looking for new neighbors, leave an 'Add Me' below! How are you spending your winter?! Grab some gift boxes before it's too late! ►


Farmers, would you like to go to Egypt?! Let's go! Our incredible Mystery Shopkeeper is waiting for you! ► Online from 08/01/2021 00:00 to 25/01/2021 00:00 Unlocks at level 30! New Items: - Mug Cake Machine: costs 1000 coins, unlocks at level 30, collect in 50 s..../FamilyFarmCommunity/posts/3503336443097337?__xts__[0]=68.ARAZEMXLJCzYFwiCweroSE85SvwM9vKKq6BnKD-4vBh2iHsIX_KrxpWJh7aWEiew1EcBzS328lTJ1HgH8jOntFV_9I_nzmMlUSmaV4t9lNYOJeTH5Plh8BqsE1HrZJqc3CwXRRz8rCJKtmQJvcnRN17Tqu3GV9Gih6WrWiGTTJBlGh_QPXW9zyuo497ohHaX0dr2GgbARkYw9dMX783svS6gS_NOWicjDazfMftF5_PvDE6KS1Otj32U0W2jFwfuEoqowFzB1ki49Ph05t-GBiH9HOmhu86DjRNhw9GC-sgIthw_tHxBKw


Howdy, Farmers! Do you prefer exercise or are you more of a food lover?!... Or maybe both! Let's prepare some orders to win Vouchers and Coins for our lovely Barbell Hamsters, as well as some more farmtastic rewards! The Theme Park Store unlocks at Level 40. Claim your special gift here ►


Farmer, dear Farmer!‍ Let's play! Can you guess which event is coming to the farm?! If we get more than 300 comments with the right answer, everyone gets a surprise gift! Stay tuned for more! ►


Family Farm Game Information:

Monthly Users: 100,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 100,000

Monthly Users Rank: 779

Daily Users Rank: 389

Fan Page Likes: 3,268,748

Fan Page Talking About Count: 4,505

Platform: Facebook

Game Types: Simulation Farming


Game Status: Active