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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Gold Fish Casino Slots.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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How do I get free bonuses
Hi friends, I love to play Goldfish, but have a heck of a time keeping a free coins to keep spinning, & not very Facebook savy, so PLEASE send me gifts where I just have to open gifts, & I'm spinning again & one day when I get lucky or figure all this bonus out it will come back to you. If you need to friend me just send a request & tell me it's for Goldfish. Lol. Thanks crew. Peace Out all...
Me too. Please send gifts!

gift me coins and ill gift you back 

If anyone has any tricks or cheats to get more free coins, please let me know.  I also need friends so feel free to add me.

free coins please

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I need more coins plzzz..

Why is it that the free links  only work  4 times that's it every other link is expired well on hof you get free coins & spins 

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