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We love to create new Hot Shot Casino Slots forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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Can anyone tell me why the bonuses are 5 to 8 days old and no longer receiving current ones

REALLY.. what you should do is devote your resources in management of software glitches . coin larceny, false pretentions of bonuses, and all around keeping your realm of gamers upset and distraught. This is suppossed to be a liesiure activity to unwind after a day of bullshit at work, well it isnt. The games are fing awesome butr its all the stuff everyone is writing about that you guys neeed to work on. Where did you uys learn your business applications and ethics at. Customer satisfaction should be priority number one in any business venture, I beleive yhall have it bacckkaarrddss...js


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