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Hello~ Real Casino Fans Here is the list of winners for the 4 quizzes posted last week. 1. ODD ONE OUT - Answer B 2. FIND HIGH SYMBOL - Answer B 3. PIGGY BANK ... 4. GUESS THE SILHOUETTE - Answer A ❤❤Starting this month, we will be choosing the participants who have participated all the quizzes before other people. You will have more chance of winning when participating for all the quizzes posted. 100 Lucky Winners Alejandro Vedro, Ane Sytar, Ann Backman, Ann Carroll, Anna Giovanna, Anna Lessi, Annika Bianca, Audrey Fletcher, Bob Wyss, Camilla Bensa, Carol Wandell, Carol Williams Haakinson, Carolyn Matis, Chris Garforth, Cindy Bausher, Cindy Gardner, Cindy Mosher-Baker, Cindy Smith, Colleen Doherty, Corky Mills, Craig Nichols, Daniela Breganni, Dave Polain, Debbie Hurlburt, Debbie Lynn, Debbie Montrose, Debbie Panyard Vogel-McLaughlin, Dennis Martin, Denny AndDiane Sias, Diana Penna, Diane Brown, Diane Webster, Dixie Mayhood Coumbe, Donnie Lee Carman, Erika Havasi, Fern Ritter, Fran Bolton, Gaetan Viau, Georgine Spisak, Geraldine Comber, Geri Olson, Glenda Beach, Green Ann, Halit Gencer, Jacque McVey, Jacqueline M Smith, Jerome Newman, Joanne Ashbaugh-Stromp, Karen Phillips, Karen Smith, Karina Looby, Kaśka Beata Merdolonka, Kathy Guilmette Babcock, Kerrie King, Kimberly Rodgers, Kizzy Cezzie, Klaske Klaske Zegwaard De Vries, Kym Cesarini, Lavada Taylor, LeeAnna Johnson, Lena Babish, Lynette Wells, Marie Rizzo, Marion Hurlburt, Marjorie Ann Healey, Mary Jo Davis, Matt Nickelson, Nanas Got, Nancy Martin McDougall, Nancy Milne-Austin, Nancy Ray, Nicol Ascio, Nuzzie Cesarini, Ornella Vani, Pamela Brouse Zeiler, Pamela Hartley, Pat Nystrand, Paul Ach, Pauline Gravel, Rain Grondski, Randy Cornelius Sr., Richard Krueger, Sheridy Schroyer, Sherri Belle Kari, Shirley Corridori, Stephen B Barnes, Stephen Kraeuter, Stephen Twort, Steve Davis, Teresa Taylor, Tracy Grell, Valentina Veri, Vicki Glenn, Vicki Thompson, Vickie Pohlmann, Wayne Cesarini, Wendy Anderson, Wilhelmus Kruize, Will Perkins, Yen Sai Chow, We will send 500,000 coins to the winners within 24 hours. Congratulations FREE COINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


Real Casino Fans! FIND THE MISSING PIECE! Can you complete the puzzle? Maybe you already know the answer! LIKE (y) SHARE COMMENT YOUR GIFT


❤Last 50 FREE SPINS❤ Hello~ Real Casino Fans~ Today is the last day of ✔4th of July 3X SALE✔ which means the last day of 50 FREE SPINS Please let me know if enjoyed the 50 FREE SPINS during the 3X SALE. ... We will continue to give 50 FREE SPINS next time. 50 FREE SPINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


❤Grand Fireworks Quiz #4❤ Which one is the silhouette of statue of liberty? Comment below if you know the answer. Hope you have a great day~... FREE COINS LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna❤


❤??GGY BANK Quiz #1❤ Hello~ everyone, We have another new slot coming. Can you guess the title of the new slot? Look at the image below if it's hard for you. ... FREE COINS LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna❤


❤Celebrating 4th of July staying at home❤ Hello~ Real Casino Fans Here is a list of some activities you can do at home with your family. Comment below which one you are into... ✔Connect with family and friends over video chat ✔Light up your grill and bring on the barbecue ✔Watch fireworks on TV ✔Dress up in red, white and blue ✔Set up some serious backyard competition with badminton, volleyball or cornhole ✔Binge-watch your favorite movies together ✔Break out a board game or puzzle 50 FREE SPINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


❤Grand Fireworks Quiz #3❤ Hello~ Real Casino Fans Which one do you think is the high symbol of the slot, Grand Fireworks? Comment below if you know the answer.... FREE COINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


Good afternoon~ Real Casino Fans How was your lunch? Thank you very much for loving the Grand Fireworks FREE SPINS. Here are 50 FREE SPINS for Real Casino Fans. This time, please give me one slot you want for 50 FREE SPINS.... 50 FREE SPINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


Hello~ Real Casino Fans I've got one more 50 FREE SPINS for those who were not able to claim due to a technical issue. Please be aware that I am reading your comments. Do you want to keep the 50 FREE SPINS coming? Please answer with YES or NO in reply 50 FREE SPINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


❤Grand Fireworks Quiz #2❤ Hello~ Real Casino Fans~ Here is one of the symbols from Grand Fireworks. but something seems odd here Right? Find the odd one out & comment below ... FREE COINS LIKE SHARE


Hello~ Real Casino Fans Guess what!! I've prepared presents to celebrate 4th of July. They are 3X SALE and 50 FREE SPINS Collect 50 FREE SPINS & Let me know your result... 50 FREE SPINS ▶ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


Congratulations July Birthdays~ Hello Real Casino Fans~ It's time to congratulate July Birthdays. May your birthday be the start of a year filled with good luck, good health and much happiness. Comment below if you are July Birthdays or know someone who is. ... FREE COINS INSTAGRAM LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼ Luna ❤


✔Announcing Post Reorganization ✔ Hello~ Real Casino Fans I have an important announcement to make. To make this page a better experience for our Real Casino Fans, we are going to make a change to the frequency and the type of events.... We promise that the amount of coins you receive will not be affected. It will be posted in a few hours and the definite change of event starts tomorrow. From Luna ❤ LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼


Hello Real Casino Fans,❤ Tiger Cash is available on NEW VERSION Enjoy the exciting Tiger Cash Feature and Free games. FREE COINS


Little Rich Hello everyone~ Let's play Little Rich with these FREE COINS ❤ A variety of WILD ❤ increases the possibility of big wins. FREE COINS ...


Hello~ everyone, Watch the highlight feature of Cash Back Get FREE COINS


Real Casino Fans! Play Cinderella with these FREE COINS 🥰 Enjoy our real slots here FREE COINS


Real Casino Fans! Play Hit the Coin Get spinning with these FREE COINS FREE COINS INSTAGRAM LIKE (y) & SHARE ▼▼▼... Luna ❤


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