Vegas Downtown Slots How To Gift Coins To Friends Directly

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hey there folks. Does anyone know how to gift coins to your friends? Plz tell me how.

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the only way i know of is through the gifting deal. 

   I wanted to know how to collect like we all used to for teh games Vegaas downntown and ceasars.   it will not go past the ads for me. when i first sttaarted years ago I coul dset it at 15 secs a point block and walk away annd come back rich. LOl  now I have to click each one and click off every ad or oit will not register.   it;s bull crap.   too many to collect to be waiting around for al that boring stuff.  

  slotto and wsop are not like that.   you can just put it liek I sad and it will go to the end. 

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