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I need more Friends wher can Add me i have 2 Acounts and i can sen every day too Presents

Grettings Wolgang Winkler


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Hi Where can Add me by Vegas Downtown Slots  i have 3 Accunts and can send ever Day 2 Presents

Add me

i recently begin putting other players together , send friend request to williamltowns or william towns and join us , we have algreed to send back and forh , wait, we play vegas downtown words , i am here exploring to find out if the two are joined, it would great if they are and can use coins back and forth

i will watch for wolgang winkler,  please understand i screen anyone wanting to join as i think you should screen me, it is never a mistake to do so, i would not be offended, and hopfully you wont either 

repeated from previous message

add me please

I will be your friend

Add me mohammad al mustfa hayes
Add me

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