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Welcome Bike Race Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Other Players Using Bikes That Are Basically Cheating.

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Bike Race

Bike Racers are having tons of fun with the Rainbow bike on Youtube! Check out those amazing artworks and gameplay videos by GodOfBikeRace and BikeRaceOnly! Two channels you M-U-S-T subscribe to right now! :D GodOfBikeRace - BikeRaceOnly -

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a #tbt to Nick Isabelle's fantastic track design!

Likes: 163 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Bike Racers are rockin' on Youtube, as always! Check out this awesome MP Group Runs by Bike Race Doom!

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Use this post to invite new Bike Race friends for a challenge! o/ Post it in the comments!

Likes: 503 Shares: 13 Posted:

Bike Race

Is this level IMPOSSIBLE? Lawaleeth proves he can do it. Can you? CODE: z6ukrz Let us know in the comments if you could finish this track! o/

Likes: 425 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Up for some cool Bike Race competition? Go to and participate on the tournaments! Tournaments running in several divisions, for every skill a Bike Racer might have! Upload your best times showing a screenshot! Check the Help section on the site to learn how! THE FIRST TOURNAMENT IS ABOUT TO BEGIN, IN EASTER! Two weeks of wild acro rides in 3 different levels! Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Then, Race in Bike Race Licenses! o/

Likes: 539 Shares: 5 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Are you a tournament racer? Here's a brand new video by GodOfBikeRace with some wicked moves! Check it out! o/

Likes: 720 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a super cool Edamame Review on Bike Race! We are so glad Edamame's team had tons of fun racing! :)

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Are you a hog bike fan? Check out those wild moves by Edvin as seen in the GodOfBikeRace Youtube channel!

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! The current best time for this track is 20.95! Can you beat it? Post in the comments! CODE: fj3mzq Race! o/

Likes: 735 Shares: 3 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a video made by BikeRace Nik! Can you do these insane shortcuts? Let us know in the comments!

Likes: 579 Shares: 2 Posted:

Bike Race

Here's a challenge for you, Bike Racer! Code: t8ufij Post your best time and bike in the comments! o/

Likes: 742 Shares: 4 Posted:

Bike Race

Happy Valentine's day, Bike Racers!!! <3

Likes: 511 Shares: 3 Posted:

Bike Race

CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY! Hey Bike Racers! Here's a special Valentine's day Bike for you to ride with your loved one :) Celebrate the most romantic time of the year rocking some tracks!

Likes: 713 Shares: 8 Posted:

Bike Race

WHICH ONE IS THE HARDEST? 1) Hills' level 7 using Acro 2) Savannah 2 using Ghost 3) other - tell us in the comments!

Likes: 393 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a great level created by Matthijs De Bruin‎: "Hey guys! try my newest UCL I just made :D feel free to tag anyone you think might also like this lvl ;) code: tr6vvx preferred bikes: ghost, acro, ultra and AS Have fun!" What's your best time? Let us know in the comments!

Likes: 616 Shares: 5 Posted:

Bike Race

Bike Racers, CHECK YOUR GAME! NEW WORLD, NEW TRACKS, NEW CHALLENGES! > Available for iOS now and for Android next week! < Also... A HOLIDAY SUPER SPECIAL OFFER!! Have fun this weekend and... race! :)

Likes: 755 Shares: 4 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Have you seen the latest BikeRaceJ video? It's awesome! Check it out! :D

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Welcome the super cute Alison J. Isabelle! <3 Congratulations to her parents Joana and Nick, who is an outstanding Bike Race player! Amazing to see the Bike Race family growing! All the best for your baby girl! :)

Likes: 486 Shares: 4 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! How about starting 2017 joining the coolest Bike Race group on Facebook? Join GodOfBikeRace's group and have fun with tons of racers! GodOfBikeRace is recruiting the best tourney players! Are you one of them? Race!

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Enjoy holidays watching a super cool video made by Marko Bidon! Let's help him get 500 likes! Part 2 coming soon!

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Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! New Special Pack world available for iOS and Android users: Christmas!! Are you up for that challenge? Merry christmas and.... race!! o/

Likes: 555 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! This is a super special week! Two of the most talented Bike Racers are getting older: the legendary GodOfBikeRace and the outstanding Daniel Granato! Here's Daniel with his Bike Race birthday cake!!! So awesome! Happy birthday, guys! We hope to see you rocking Bike Race tracks for other many many years! o/

Likes: 424 Shares: 4 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a fantastic track by Billy Isaacson! CODE: mbtcug Post your best time in the comments! Let's see who's the fastest! o/

Likes: 390 Shares: 3 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Channel BikeRaceOfDoom released a super cool video with Christmas Pack runs! Check it out! Remember: ! It's easy! And fun! And addictive! And... RACE!

Likes: 291 Shares: 0 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! Here's a challenge from Ethan Wierda! "Using normal Acro and ghost. When posting a screenshot make sure you comment what bike. Code: 7orn8i Creator: BikeRaceGUARDIA Good luck have fun!"

Likes: 749 Shares: 2 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Bike Racers! A new update for Bike Race PRO iOS is out NOW! You can now race against MULTIPLE FRIENDS at the same time on Multiplayer! Update your Bike Race Pro (iOS) and RACE! Multiplayer Groups is coming soon for Android too! To download Bike Race Pro go to

Likes: 472 Shares: 2 Posted:

Bike Race

IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!!! 50% OFF on rubies!!! Get it now with this special offer! It's ONLY TODAY (November, 27)!

Likes: 531 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!!! 50% OFF on the most wanted bike of all times!!! Get now your ULTRA BIKE with this special offer! It's ONLY TODAY (November, 27)!

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Bike Race


Likes: 412 Shares: 1 Posted:

Bike Race

Bike Racer Antonio Montano found the real life Old School driving in the streets! o/

Likes: 630 Shares: 5 Posted:

Bike Race

I'm all about that race, 'bout that race.... I'm in Trouble! Look closer. CLOSER! Do you see that tiny little spot there (I even needed to Paint Brush this track to put a "nice looking" arrow there!) ? There... Yes, there! Well, that's A BIKE! HUGE TRACK = HUGE CHALLENGE! How fast can you beat this track? Flash fast? Turtle fast? LET US KNOW YOUR RECORD TIME IN THE COMMENTS! You know what to do! Race! o/

Likes: 472 Shares: 6 Posted:

Bike Race

ALL ABOUT THE LOOKS >> CRAZY DRAWING CHALLENGE! AND THE WINNER IS... Nick Isabelle! o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ He said he would do it and oh yes he did it! Let us all leave our homes and go live in the beautiful Bike Race castle where all the bikes are Ultra fast! (plus I heard Ghost Rider is a great cook!) LOL It was DEFINITELY hard to choose among the fantastic drawing tracks all Bike Racers sent in the past post! Special thanks do Mark Ambrosius for his fantastic tracks (especially R2D2's! wow!), Dipak (Titanic rocked so much!), Anders Hansen (who loves some soda!) and Sagar Deswai (a true Bike Race fan)!

Likes: 632 Shares: 11 Posted:

Bike Race

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED >> ALL ABOUT THE LOOKS! THE COOLEST DRAWING TRACK (EVEN IF IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO RACE IN IT- lol) Did you know there's a cool place called Level Editor where you can create any Bike Race track you want? Yeah, you probably did. (It's in ) BUUUUUUT, how about using it to make a crazy drawing? Show us your skills! POST A PICTURE OF YOUR CRAZY TRACK HERE IN THE COMMENTS! The best will be posted here and you will be the idol of a generation of bike racers! o/ Remember: ! It's easy! And fun! And addictive! And... RACE! :)

Likes: 464 Shares: 14 Posted:

Bike Race

Some Bike Racers, beside being very talented with their mobile phones, ALSO rock when it comes to paper and pencils! Check out these amazing drawings! Authors: Daniel Filgueira Granato, Mickey DeKat, Mike Avery, Néstor Mayor Lara and Gesta Non Verba. Special Thanks to Emanuele Maggio a.k.a GodOfBikeRace for promoting this fantastic drawing challenge!

Likes: 476 Shares: 7 Posted:

Bike Race

You love them all! We do love them all too! >>>> But what is your favorite Bike of all times? <<<< Is it because it's super cool? Pretty? Wicked? Fast? We will show the results soon here on the page! The most voted bikes will be... happy bikes! Although we are not sure if there is a thing such as a happy bike... It's a machine, after all....... New pool: >>> Do you think bikes have feelings? .... Just kidding! Stay tuned for more! Race!

Likes: 543 Shares: 6 Posted:

Bike Race

Ever wondered how to create your own tracks and maybe be featured on our own "Top Track of the Week"? Pro player and master track creator Nick Isabelle teaches the step-by-step of crating tracks with the official track editor. Watch the video and go to and start creating tracks!

Likes: 880 Shares: 9 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey, Bike Racers! Something entirely NEW is coming up. Stay tune for a great surprise on a new CHALLENGING game mode. COMING SOON!

Likes: 1,130 Shares: 28 Posted:

Bike Race

Want to learn how to get three stars in the all new HOLIDAY PACK? Bike Race Only guys teach how in this video! The pack is only available in Bike Race Pro: iOS: Android:

Likes: 1,045 Shares: 8 Posted:

Bike Race

Did you think on your holiday gift already? The answer is here: Bike Race EXCLUSIVE t-shirt. Now the price is DOWN to only $19.99! LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Likes: 2,290 Shares: 15 Posted:

Bike Race

Now you can get EXCLUSIVE BIKE RACE T-SHIRTS in our official Facebook Store! LIMITED TIME OFFER, with 100% FREE SHIPPING. Buy your official shirt now! Find the button on the left side of the page or in the header, above this post. Also, you access it through this link:

Likes: 1,797 Shares: 6 Posted:

Bike Race

Did you send your fan art already?! Well, we are giving EXTRA 24 HOURS! And to win what? A 3D PRINTED CLASSIC BIKE MODEL!! Run and submit your fan art to have a change to win this amazing prize! [email protected]

Likes: 1,963 Shares: 12 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey Hey Hey, Bike Racers! The CONTEST IS GOING ON!! See on the post a rad bike mod submission we've received. So you can have a bit more time, we'll now receive submissions until October 31st! Send your best arts to [email protected] and grab a chance to win the SPECIAL PRIZE!

Likes: 1,470 Shares: 30 Posted:

Bike Race

Halloween Biker wants YOU to join the first BIKE RACE HALLOWEEN FAN ART CONTEST! Release your inner artist and do your best Bike Race themed FAN ART! Everything can be made: carve a pumpkin, show a costume, create a cool video, make a mad draw, write a poem, YOU CHOOSE! Submit your fan art to [email protected] until October 29th. We will choose the best fan art and the winner will win a SECRET PRIZE! The winner will be announced in October 31st, and we will reveal the prize until then. GRAB YOUR PENCILS! GRAB YOUR PUMPKINS! YOUR SEWING MACHINE! START CREATING!

Likes: 588 Shares: 8 Posted:

Bike Race

What takes the most SKILL!? I think the guy in the beginning is an ACRO PRO! LOL

Likes: 3,456 Shares: 703 Posted:

Bike Race

How many times do you try to master the PERFECT run? Here the EPIC FAILS overcame the will! LOL Share your fails with us on the comments!

Likes: 1,345 Shares: 27 Posted:

Bike Race

We LOVE custom made tracks! Check the video for some really crazy tracks made by our players. Which one do you like the most? Also, post the tracks you made on the comments! IMPORTANT NOTICE: don't miss any updates from the Bike Race world! Just click the "LIKE" button on top of the page and click "GET NOTIFICATIONS" to always stay tuned!

Likes: 656 Shares: 10 Posted:

Bike Race

This run looks CRAZY! Can you do better in Hills 7 with GHOST BIKE?! Check it out! Post your best runs with the GHOST BIKE in the comments!

Likes: 1,090 Shares: 41 Posted:

Bike Race

INSANE trick pulled by Julius F.! Do you guys think you can pull this one? Can do it even better?! Post your videos of the coolest tricks you know in this thread! Many thanks to Julius for sharing the video!

Likes: 1,152 Shares: 37 Posted:

Bike Race

Can't get 3 stars on Savanna 2? The guys from BikeRaceOnly show you how to get them in this awesome video:

Likes: 1,126 Shares: 20 Posted:

Bike Race

Hey, Bike Racers! We make Bike Race together! Click on the link and tell us what features should be included in the following updates! We're working hard to bring the best racing experience to millions around the world. Where we go from here is up to you!

Likes: 16,101 Shares: 107 Posted:

Bike Race

Hello, Bike Racers! We have just released an update for Bike Race Pro for iOS! We have: - new graphics for bikes and backgrounds - new menu graphics - the solid ground has changed back to a line ground What do you think about each of those 3 changes? Which ones do you like? which ones do you hate? and which ones you don't care? Where we go from here is up to you!

Likes: 10,854 Shares: 73 Posted:

Bike Race

We have a holiday gift for you: 16 special levels on the Holiday Pack. We have also released 8 new challenging levels - Hills 2. If you haven't already, download the newest update and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Likes: 12,668 Shares: 75 Posted:

Bike Race

New levels: Dunes 2 are out for iOS and Android! If you haven't already, download the newest update, unlock the silver bike and try to get the 24 stars! All for free! Enjoy!! Share this post and let your friends know! We are working on the next update. Let us know your ideas!

Likes: 10,868 Shares: 98 Posted:

Bike Race

You have asked and Bike Race for Android was released today! For Free! For now, it is single player only. We are working on the multiplayer version and we will release it when we have enough downloads. Hopefully, in 10 days or less! You can help us release it faster with downloads, feedback and lots of 5 star ratings! If you want to download it, go to: If you want to give us feedback, please write to: [email protected] If you want to rate us five stars please do! And tell your friends too! :) Thank you for all the support. Like our page to see these awesome updates on your news feed!

Likes: 3,873 Shares: 33 Posted:

Bike Race

Bike Race Pro is now available on App Store! Check it out: ★ Unlock brand new bikes by completing achievements! ★ Enhanced graphics, all levels are looking great! ★ All 64 crazy tracks already unlocked, choose any one to play from start! ★ No Ads! ★ Improved performance, several bug fixes! $0.99 only. Enjoy!

Likes: 3,376 Shares: 29 Posted:

Bike Race

New update released! - 8 new very challenging levels! - Music bug from last update fixed All for free! Enjoy!

Likes: 1,856 Shares: 7 Posted:

Bike Race

New update just released! - Send messages when you race other players! - 8 new levels! (Hard to get 3 stars!) - Performance improvements All for free! Enjoy!

Likes: 1,628 Shares: 10 Posted:

Bike Race

New update released today! - You can now play against friends that don't have Facebook - Main bugs fixed (Crash & Waiting for their turn) Next update will include new levels! All for free! Enjoy! PS: Want to race the developers? Send us your link in a private message

Likes: 1,433 Shares: 2 Posted:

Bike Race

New Version available! Update Bike Race and check out the new features: - New bikes & power ups for FREE! - Friends ranking - Invite your Facebook friends All for free! Enjoy!

Likes: 1,421 Shares: 8 Posted:

Bike Race

Update your version and play on MULTIPLAYER mode!!

Likes: 1,371 Shares: 12 Posted:

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Drive through amazing jumps and loops as fast as you can to beat your Facebook friends!

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