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What's going on at your casino, before I used to play and enjoy at the same time playing at billionaire casino, but know they is something wrong, I don't get to play right and none of the slot machine is paying the right amount of winning and all the slot machine I play on is eating all the chips and zero pay out, it's like something is waiting for me to play and soon as I start playing the slot machine will start to change and will spin fast or slow and the scatter symbol for free spin always will be dragging away so I don't get free spin and if I do get free spin the pay out will be like zero, I am only losing billions of chips every day, if possible please some one help, thanks h Ali
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I agree with you.  I have won26million and many more 12 mil., 55mil, 10mil, etc in big wins and none of them post to my chip total.  I used to stop playing and write in support but they always gave me the same answer.  They checked their record logs and none of these wins showed and so nothing was posted to their logs.  Of course , if they showed in their logs they would have posted in logs.  They wanted to know if there was anything thing else they could help me with..  I just said no but after so long it will get discouraging and all the stoping to record it become a hassel.  Then then is no sense of playing a game for fun because it has become dissapointing and I will drop it.

I have seen a small improvement on some of the games.  I think they are writimg them so fast they are making mistakes in the programing because they are rushing to get them on the screen.  I say SLOW down and do it right then we can enjoy them.

We can play the ones we have until a good new one ready.angry



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