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Bingo Holiday

Hi, this is a reward for your like&share for post on Feb 11th. Finally we got the second stage of the challenge, so there will be 100 credits + 5 power ups in today's bonus. Claim and join Bingo Fun!🥰

Likes: 234 Shares: 45 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Be My Valentine Treat Grab your presents 100 credits + 1000 coins + 1 hour hint! And enjoy a Romance Event ➡ Don't forget to share with your love!

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Bingo Holiday

Discount for Valentine's Day Be sure to enjoy Bingo Fun with your lover🥰

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Bingo Holiday

Hope this could be the sweetest love letter on your Valentine's Day. Love me tender, love me sweet Love me with a pile of Free Gifts ➡

Likes: 342 Shares: 39 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

WHY BONUS LINKS UNAVAILABLE Hi, we are sorry that there are some issues with bonus links these days. Recently Facebook has made an update about URL in the latest version. It will automatically add an extra suffix for each URL if you directly open it on Facebook. So players who are using the latest version of FB will failed to get the bonus. We're trying our best to solve this problem ASAP and we've extended the validity period for each bonus link to the end of this month.... Here are some suggestions for these players to claim bonus: To IOS players: For the time being please kindly copy & paste the bonus link to safari and open it, it will take you to our game and get the bonus. If you still fail in this way, please kindly check the settings as the screenshots show. Go to iPhone/iPad settings -> Safari ->Advanced ->Make sure the button JavaScript is ON. To Android players: For the time being please kindly copy & paste the bonus link to google chrome (or any other browser) and open it, it will take you to our game and get the bonus. If you still fail in this way, please kindly check the settings in your google chrome ->sites setting-> JavaScript and allowed. Hope it will help. Please comment below if you still failed to get the bonus and let us know which device are you using. Thanks in advance.

Likes: 135 Shares: 19 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

🥳Gift time! Comment what you want, and I will randomly choose 5 players to make their wishes come true!!! your wishes could be credits/coins/hint/power ups etc... and within value $5 USD Don't forget to leave your user ID.

Likes: 399 Shares: 59 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Your LIKE decides your bonus on 15th Feb. 200 Likes = 50 Credits + 2 Power Ups 600 Likes = 100 credits+ 5 Power Ups 1000 Likes = 150 credits + 8 Power Ups Bonus ➡ Share it so more friends could help you

Likes: 808 Shares: 201 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Prepare to SPIN your fortune for more fun! Free Gifts to go ➡

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Bingo Holiday

You credits + instant bingo is ready, pick it up now! ➡ Don't forget to LIKE & SHARE!

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Bingo Holiday

Event Lottery Machine is on today! Spin & WIN BIG! Huge Rewards are waiting for you! Who is the lucky one?... Collect today's freebie down below:) ➡

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Bingo Holiday

Two high-popularity power ups in Bingo Holiday DAUB HINT vs INSTANT BINGO Which do you prefer? Vote for your choice. And claim your 1-hour hint + 1 instant bingo here!... 🥳

Likes: 441 Shares: 65 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Find the differences between the two Dancing Lions for your chance to win Extra 1-hour hint Don't forget to comment your user ID too. ➡ UPDATE: 1. Different colored balls on forehead 2. Different writing on forehead 3. Different color eyes (pink Vs. green) 4. Different color balls in nose 5. Different writing on tongues 6. Different firecrackers behind back (both different) 7. Tree Vs. firecrackers at very top near sign etc... LOL so many differences. Congratulations our winners: AnnMarie Lupi 16389633 Joy Waldroop 20713527 Iris Weber 22368252 Xenia Martin 21672073 Karen Downer 17680110 Katherine Rose 22334363 Melanie Ernst 3563007 Angelia M. Hilstock Foster 20193453 Suzanne Banks 16934208 Judy Holzer Unterberger 22590764

Likes: 438 Shares: 53 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

If you feel the ground trembling beneath your feet on February 4—don’t fear! It is simply the ending of the Chinese Old Year and 20% of the Earth’s population is celebrating the New Year, using the largest amount of fireworks of any one day of the year. Today, it is a celebration marked by good food, red envelopes, and blessings for everyone. Claim your 100 credits + 1 hour hint + 1 bomb for this fantastic new year!! 🥳

Likes: 400 Shares: 39 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Hi all, if this link does not work for you, please kindly try to open this one: And just feel free to comment if there is still any problem. :)

Likes: 258 Shares: 5 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Happy Chinese New Year Do you know the meaning of "Kung Hei Fat Choi"? Comment below for your chance to win 50 Extra Credits ➡ UPDATE: It's a wish for Chinese New Year! Pls claim here to get your extra credits:

Likes: 427 Shares: 67 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Sail away with 🛳 Bingo Holiday Cruise 🛳 ‍♀ What's your plan for this trip? Come inside with some Free Bonus ➡ Little tip: If you this link failed to get into Bingo Holiday on your side, please kindly copy & paste the link to your browser and open it, then it will work fine for you. There might be some issues with Facebook for the time being and we will get it resolved very soon. 🥰

Likes: 451 Shares: 106 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

Happy Groundhog Day! Be sure to grab some credits&power ups during our 30% OFF Sale Stock up Play NOW Like&Share to get your daily bonus 🥳

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Bingo Holiday

Make it a happier Thursday by Bingo with Free credits + daub hint! Collect it NOW ➡

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Bingo Holiday

Oh let’s take a guess of the city in Bingo Holiday by the words description! It is part of the Coral Triangle, the area with the highest biodiversity of marine species. It is Indonesia's main tourist destination. Comment your answer with User ID to win extra 1-hour hint!... Daily bonus UPDATE: Hey, it's Bali! Congratulations our winners: Janice Lloyd 17707766 Judy Holzer Unterberger 22590764 Martine Gallant-Tice 16476930 Cindy Barry 3192163 Katherine Rose 22334363 Shirlee Bailey 2153871 Jackie Kearney 22014181 Sue Doherty 17328182 Kelly Nicoson 2671371 Toni Blanchard 21996739

Likes: 431 Shares: 51 Posted:

Bingo Holiday

The Lucky Wheel starts NOW ‼ Get spinning and keep the good WINS rolling Spin Spin & Win Win! ➡

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Bingo Holiday

Oh! a few later for 28th daily bonus. Hope you would like this 80 credits + 1 hour hint! 🥳

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Bingo Holiday

WELCOME TO BINGO HOLIDAY FANS GROUP join and find the BIG BONUS FOR GROUP MEMBERS. Making new Bingo Holiday friends :) GET freebies & friends & help & fun & BETTER BINGO GAME

Likes: 21 Shares: 0 Posted:

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Real Time Multiplayer Bingo! Play the world's Lucky Bingo game for FREE! Plenty of cities to travel and mystery collections to find! Play at one table with your friends and share the fun, or participate in our daily contests and win exciting

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