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Sending and receiving gifts

hi, I am an ex cafeworld who went to cafeland.The  app I was using to collect and send replys quit on me. I have severe arthritis and fibromylagia. I need

  • Posted by GailClarkThomas
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Welcome Cafeland Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by TerryHoneywood
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by user1518775012
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Cafeland Hack *9999999999* Coins Android 2018

  • Started by: CharlesCharlesM
  • Last Post by CodySkufca
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cafeland cheats cafeland cheat engine cheats without cheat engine cheat codes cafeland quests cafeland forum how to cheat in cafeland on facebook new sky net cafeland cheat cafeland cash

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Hey, chefs! Spring is here! Come and decorate your cafe with these blooming items! Play NOW! >>>

Likes: 307 Shares: 55 Posted:


May the luck be with you chefs! Play NOW! >>>

Likes: 379 Shares: 67 Posted:


Happy Chinese New Year Chefs! May the luck be with you! >>>

Likes: 608 Shares: 228 Posted:


Ever dreamed of opening your own café? Caféland - World Kitchen is waiting for you! Play NOW! Google Play Store: App Store:

Likes: 190 Shares: 17 Posted:


Happy Valentine's Day Chefs! Don't forget to claim your gift! >>>

Likes: 681 Shares: 304 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Come and check out the new items! Decorate with them and bring Grand Bazaar spirit in your cafe! Play NOW! >>>

Likes: 346 Shares: 48 Posted:


Good news, chefs! Our developers have pushed the necessary fix and you can claim your gifts right now! Please click the link and take your compensation cash! >>>

Likes: 746 Shares: 664 Posted:


Dear Chefs, We're aware of the gift claiming bug and deeply sorry about this issue. Our developers are working on it. Hopefully, it will be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Likes: 326 Shares: 37 Posted:


If you like puzzle games, this minimalist brain game is just for you! Match numbers in a hexagon, exercise your brain and challenge yourself in this addictively "Simple" game! App for Android ---> App for iOS --->

Likes: 54 Shares: 12 Posted:


UPDATE: Cafeland is back and alive! Please click the link below and take your free cash as a compensation for your great patience! >>> Dear Chefs, We're deeply sorry about the problem you're experiencing. We're aware of this loading problem and our developers are working on it. Hang tight! We'll be back very soon>>>

Likes: 646 Shares: 537 Posted:


Love is in the air chefs! Come and decorate your cafes with these loveful wedding items! Play NOW! >>>

Likes: 399 Shares: 57 Posted:


Chefs are building their cafes in Caféland - World Kitchen. What about you? Play NOW! Google Play Store: App Store:

Likes: 566 Shares: 69 Posted:


Hey, chefs! We wish you huge blessings in the Year of the Dog! Play now and claim your gift! >>>

Likes: 776 Shares: 350 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Come and check out the new Retro Party items! Play NOW! >>>

Likes: 587 Shares: 127 Posted:


Hey, Chefs! Today's release is on hold at the moment due to a glitch in our system. We'll send the new quest tomorrow. Here's a little gift for your great patience >>> Thank you for your understanding!

Likes: 607 Shares: 444 Posted:


Happy Holidays Chefs! Play now! >>>

Likes: 628 Shares: 210 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Let the celebrations begin! Happy New Year! Play now! >>>

Likes: 501 Shares: 63 Posted:


Jingle bells, jingle bells...Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to cook in the Cafeland - World Kitchen, hey! Play now, build your dream cafe and light up your Christmas tree! Now available on Google Play Store and App Store! App Store: Google Play Store:

Likes: 150 Shares: 2 Posted:


Haven't you played Cafeland - World Kitchen yet? Now available on Google Play Store and App Store! Play now, build your dream cafe and feel the Christmas Spirit! App Store: Google Play Store:

Likes: 469 Shares: 70 Posted:


We wish you a Merry Christmas! You have been very good chefs this year! Don't forget to claim your free cash! >>>

Likes: 893 Shares: 521 Posted:


Black Friday offer is here! Don't miss out chefs! Play now! >>>

Likes: 261 Shares: 32 Posted:


Happy Thanksgiving Chefs! Don't forget to claim your gift! >>>

Likes: 541 Shares: 259 Posted:


Hey, chef! It's cold outside! Are you ready for twinkle lights, eggnog, and hot cocoa? Play now! >>>

Likes: 403 Shares: 58 Posted:


Hey, chefs! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let's made a list! Play now! >>>

Likes: 439 Shares: 52 Posted:


Happy Halloween Chefs! Don't forget to claim your treat! >>>

Likes: 728 Shares: 323 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Halloween offer is here! Don't let it expire! Play now! >>>

Likes: 351 Shares: 48 Posted:


Knock knock! It's scary time! Carve a pumpkin and light your Jack-o-Lantern now! Are you ready to decorate your cafe for the scary night? Time's ticking and uninvited guests have arrived! Play now! >>>

Likes: 387 Shares: 37 Posted:


Hey, chef! If there is something strange in your cafe, who you gonna call? Play now! >>>

Likes: 500 Shares: 64 Posted:


Hey, chef! Come and grab a latte! >>>

Likes: 638 Shares: 65 Posted:


Hey, chefs! It's Steampunk Revolution! Decorate your cafe with new items and show your style! >>>

Likes: 441 Shares: 54 Posted:


Hey, chefs! We're aware of the posting problem and have reported it to the Facebook support team. Since it's a general issue on Facebook, we need to wait for Facebook developers team to solve it. Thank you so much for your patience and for your cooperation on this matter! Don't forget to claim your free coins! >>>

Likes: 1,180 Shares: 664 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Oktoberfest is here! Let's celebrate! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 574 Shares: 101 Posted:


We send our love and prayers to those who were affected by Hurricane Irma. Stay safe chefs! >>>

Likes: 719 Shares: 273 Posted:


Hey, chefs! We've realised that Cafeland was down for a while last night and we'd like to compensate it for you! Please take your free cash! >>>

Likes: 607 Shares: 367 Posted:


It's lunch time in Cafeland! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 441 Shares: 33 Posted:


Hey, chef! Let's take a drink! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 471 Shares: 63 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Are you ready to go Back to School? The new items are here! Play Now! >>> PS: The new quest will be there on Tuesday.

Likes: 311 Shares: 46 Posted:


Hey, chefs! Mystical Lands are calling you! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 308 Shares: 30 Posted:


Look at the cute NEW clothes! Pick one and create your Pockie in any way you like! Download and play Pockieland NOW! App Store: Google Play Store:

Likes: 158 Shares: 10 Posted:


Hey, chefs! We're aware of the bingo problem and the fix is pushed. Thanks for your patience! Here is a little compensation: >>>

Likes: 737 Shares: 574 Posted:


All Granny Recipes are in the cookbook! Have you checked, chef? Play Now! >>>

Likes: 343 Shares: 46 Posted:


Hey, chef! Create a mystical atmosphere and join the world of magic! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 201 Shares: 29 Posted:


The more Granny Recipes are coming out on Tuesday! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 436 Shares: 49 Posted:


You need neighbors, chef? It's Add Me Day! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 670 Shares: 95 Posted:


Hi, chefs! The clover competition is over and here are the winners! Please claim your reward by writing to the helpdesk through the Contact Us button. Congratulations! Play Now! >>> PS: Don't worry, there will be more challenges! :)

Likes: 179 Shares: 10 Posted:


How many Clovers are there in this picture? Write your answer in the comments! We will select 3 random players with the correct answer and reward them with 20 Cash! (The winners will be announced tomorrow!) Play Now! >>>

Likes: 279 Shares: 33 Posted:


Check out the limited sale tomorrow! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 201 Shares: 19 Posted:


Four new Granny Recipes are in the cookbook and the more will be revealed chefs! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 321 Shares: 38 Posted:


Happy Anniversary! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 242 Shares: 27 Posted:


Hi, chefs! Tomorrow is the release day! Are you excited yet? Play Now! >>>

Likes: 389 Shares: 51 Posted:


Granny Lou is back and she is ready to meet you on Tuesday! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 380 Shares: 63 Posted:


Hi, chefs! Eva has new gifts for you! Wait for the upcoming release! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 298 Shares: 41 Posted:


Create your unique Pockie, decorate your house, meet new Pockies, improve your skills and climb the career ladder! Play Pockieland and be a part of this animal society NOW! App Store: Google Play Store:

Likes: 96 Shares: 4 Posted:


Need neighbors chef? It's Add Me Day! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 514 Shares: 50 Posted:


New pet game Pockieland - Animal Society is now available on Google Play Store and App Store! Come join the fun! App Store: Google Play Store: Play Pockieland NOW! (Now available everywhere.)

Likes: 116 Shares: 6 Posted:


Happy Independence Day chefs! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 299 Shares: 33 Posted:


Are you ready for the summer holiday chefs? Let's pack! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 206 Shares: 26 Posted:


Tomorrow is the release day in Cafeland! Are you excited chefs? Eva has many surprises for you! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 351 Shares: 41 Posted:


Are you excited chefs? Only a few days left before we celebrate Independence Day! Here is a little gift for your picnic! >>>

Likes: 498 Shares: 231 Posted:


Have you checked out Independence Day items, chef? Play Now!

Likes: 249 Shares: 30 Posted:


It's time to celebrate chefs! Come and join the 4th of July Picnic! Play Now!

Likes: 238 Shares: 47 Posted:


Happy Father's Day Chefs! Don't forget to claim your gift! >>>

Likes: 314 Shares: 289 Posted:


Meet Pockies and become friends, enemies, or lovers! All relationship types come with lots of awesome animations! Play Pockieland NOW! App Store: Google Play Store: (Now available everywhere except for the US, UK, China, Japan and Korea!)

Likes: 139 Shares: 11 Posted:


CAFELAND - WORLD KITCHEN attracts many STARS! After all, it's the city of stars... Play NOW! Google Play Store: App Store:

Likes: 125 Shares: 16 Posted:


Have been waiting for a new offer pack? It's on the way chefs! Play Now! >>>

Likes: 170 Shares: 21 Posted:


With lots of adorable animations, stylish decorations, cool outfits and exciting new features, Pockieland is available on App Store and Google Play Store! App Store: Google Play Store: Play Pockieland NOW! (Now available everywhere except for the US, UK, China, Japan and Korea!)

Likes: 136 Shares: 13 Posted:


Gather up your friends and family for some fun and games here at Cafeland Camp! Play Now!

Likes: 341 Shares: 38 Posted:


Happy Doughnut Day Chefs! Spread the Doughnut Love! <3 >>>

Likes: 517 Shares: 197 Posted:


Donut worry, be happy chef! Check out the sweetness! Play Now!

Likes: 326 Shares: 33 Posted:


If you want to eat your favorite cake today, put an apron and bake it, chef! Happy World Baking Day! Here's a little gift for you! Don't miss the offer because it's only for a day! >>>

Likes: 588 Shares: 338 Posted:


Happy Mothers Day Chef!

Likes: 626 Shares: 56 Posted:


Can you smell the steam coming out the tops of freshly baked muffins? Eva baked them for you! Play Now!

Likes: 462 Shares: 36 Posted:


Eva made a wonderful Cake Tower for this special day! She can't wait to see your Mother's Day designs! Play Now!

Likes: 428 Shares: 42 Posted:


Like and follow Cafeland - World Kitchen on Facebook for the latest news!

Likes: 420 Shares: 30 Posted:


Cafeland - World Kitchen is now available on Google Play Store and App Store! Play NOW! Google Play Store: App Store:

Likes: 503 Shares: 96 Posted:


Happy Easter Chefs! Come and Join the Egg Hunt!

Likes: 384 Shares: 26 Posted:


It's Carnival Time, chefs! Come and try new carnival recipes! Play Now!

Likes: 363 Shares: 39 Posted:


Bunnies have arrived, chefs! Let's plan the egg hunt party! Play Now!

Likes: 403 Shares: 34 Posted:


Happy St. Patrick's Day, chefs! Here's some green!

Likes: 782 Shares: 500 Posted:


Spring is at the door! Gather in the garden for a Picnic with Granny Lou and Spring Princess Eva! Play Now!

Likes: 433 Shares: 38 Posted:


You Got Lucky! And the Green is calling! Here's a little new release gift:

Likes: 722 Shares: 304 Posted:


Happy Valentine's Day, chefs!

Likes: 747 Shares: 58 Posted:


Granny Lou is thrilled to have these items in her kitchen! How about you? Play Now!

Likes: 437 Shares: 37 Posted:


Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Play Now!

Likes: 361 Shares: 33 Posted:


💟 Flowers Bay is blooming and Eva can't wait to see YOUR cafe designs! 💟 Post a screenshot of your cafe and tag Cafeland! Play Now!

Likes: 452 Shares: 31 Posted:


It's release day and Eva has some new recipes! Guess what the upcoming theme is! Prapare for LOVE!

Likes: 388 Shares: 41 Posted:


May the new Lunar Year bring you good luck and lots of spices! Here's a little love! >>>

Likes: 656 Shares: 295 Posted:


Ponder what you'll be cooking tonight in this peaceful corner and the idea will come to you in the blink of an eye! 🔔 PLAY NOW >>>

Likes: 441 Shares: 26 Posted:


Celebrate The Year of the Rooster with us! PLAY NOW >>>

Likes: 458 Shares: 65 Posted:


Which one is your favorite vending machine? 🌽Corn Stand - 🍬Candies - 🌯Doner Kebab - ☕French Press - 🍪Wurst & Sauerkraut Comment below! 👇

Likes: 470 Shares: 34 Posted:


Snowflake Cooker is here! Guess what it's good for?! ❄🍔❄ PLAY NOW >>>

Likes: 367 Shares: 23 Posted:


The Winter Wonderland theme has arrived! Check out Eva's cafe for a sneak peek! ❄ ❄ ❄ PLAY NOW >>>

Likes: 386 Shares: 24 Posted:


It's Winter Wonderland release day! Ready to freeze the stoves out of Cafeland? PLAY NOW >>>

Likes: 366 Shares: 52 Posted:

Cafeland Game Information:

Build your own cafe, diner or restaurant! Be the best chef in the kitchen & keep customers happy by cooking delicious dishes!

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Daily Users: 100,000

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