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How to get Free Family Farm RC & Rewards

Tips & Tricks on how to get Free Family Farm RC & Rewards. Increase the amount of Family Farm RC you get with this guide. Join us to get more active neighbors.

  • Posted by Gabriel
  • 11,819
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Family Farm: Copper-occhio Special Mission Guide

New Family Farm Copper-occhio Special Mission. This Guide will help you complete the mission, the guide is divided by levels and tips about requirements and steps.

  • Posted by Gabriel
  • 3,019
  • 1

RCs A urgent must need

I just cannot get ahead without RCs, I cannot afford it. I feel facebook should give more, when you have millions of people around the world investing money

  • Posted by user1542330089
  • 265
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Family Farm Forum

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Welcome Family Farm Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by rMamdouhAttia
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by DaphnKnight
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by ArshadPilakodan
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Getting Help

  • Started by: JudyBamfordShpe
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Family Farm Loading Issues

  • Started by: AnneAnderson
  • Last Post by user1522616757
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Salt For Game

  • Started by: TracyHelton
  • Last Post by FleurBrioche
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Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! How about a little Family Farm Sudoku? Can you see which flowers should go where? Take a guess - and be sure to check back when we reveal the answers! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 48 Shares: 3 Posted:

Family Farm

āœˆ Howdy, Farmers! āœˆ Which Lava Gull will make it to the exit? Don't forget: the Tungsten Hammer in the corner can blaze through 1 of the obstacles! Choose your Lava Gull and be sure to leave your SNSID with your answer - we'll reveal the answer along with more information on our new Sky Adventures soon! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 67 Shares: 3 Posted:

Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! We're aware that some players have had issues with mobile payments recently - there have been some changes to Facebook's platform, so we've made some changes in-game to help fix the issues. We're happy to announce that this problem should be fixed! Thanks to everyone for their understanding while we addressed the issue! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 101 Shares: 6 Posted:

Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! The Theme Park is now online! Collect vouchers and coins by completing orders, and use them to get some awesome goodies! Grab a Carousel Candy Sculpture and go check it out! >>

Likes: 114 Shares: 12 Posted:

Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! Who's ready to expand? Our EXPANSION DISCOUNT will begin soon! Get in on the savings while they're around! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 138 Shares: 8 Posted:

Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! Did you know: candied fruit has been around for millennia! Do you like lollipops? Write your favorite flavor below - and stay tuned for new info our next Theme Park Store Event! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 108 Shares: 4 Posted:

Family Farm

Howdy, Farmers! The time to accept the mission for the Golden Pheasants is running out! Accept the mission before it's too late! Play Family Farm today >>

Likes: 85 Shares: 5 Posted:

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Beautiful land, adorable animals and amazing machines! Everything you need to create and run the farm of your dreams! Play now!

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