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Left or Right?Make your choice!And good news below. Don't miss that!!!Two different Zuma-style cards and rules.The Left, the ball will not move when nearby balls are daubed, different from the right.The right is our current Zumania of course, and you know its rule.Which one is better in your mind?Why?Plz leave your words and FPID, 15 mins daub alert send to you all.This gift will be sent next Monday, so don't worry.Tips:Leave your FPID so that we can send you gifts!!!Today's below as usual


Aha, Breaking new!Next island on the way!Guess what country it is and leave your answer.Pick 3 islander with the right answer and send 200 coins, 30 gems and 20 mins daub alert respectively.Hurry up to show your answer plz. Tomorrow the correct answer and results will be shown in the comment area below.Recive your freebie and time to brainstorm.


Hi guys!glad to see you in our game!For some reasons I mentioned yesterday, we had to change the schedule from last week.Many of you asked "where's Sky Race" ?, "I can't find it!"Don't worry!It's coming, tomorrow!tomorrow!tomorrow!Let's do it, I know you all look forward to racing in the sky.Wed's freebie below for all


Hello all!as our original plan, today's a big day!Because we planned to release a new island, but in some cases we had to delay some activities.We know you all can't wait to start brand new journey.Don't worry, the new island is on the way, not too long.Guess what island it is and leave you comment plzFreebie is to apologize and let you get ready to set out.


Wow, time to send free coins!Today let's try a new way to win big rewards!If this post get 300+ "like" before 0:00 next Monday!I'll pick one lucky islander to send him 500 coins!!! So leave your FPID below and keep this opportunity right now!Of course, today's freebie for you all as usual.


Hi my friends!Beach Bar is back now!Are you looking forward to that?Moreover, do you like to drink?Which is your favourite?Mojito or Bloody Mary?Plz comment and tell me what you likeToday's freebie to enjoy this Bar!


Hello dear Alohaers!Happy Saturday!Have you noticed?Our bet layout is different since the latest update?The pic shows the difference between the old(left) and the new(right).What do you think of that improve, or how to change our bet layout you want in the future?Plz comment the one you like more and leave any words you want to provide your opinions to us.By the way, Happy Saturday again!Time to relax and receive your freebie.


What a great day !We have already opened the new adventure !Ocean Mania ! Discover big treasure and open chest found in Mania !What do you think of that, do you like Mania or previous adventure maps more ?However, do you like diving in the sea and try to find special creature or treasure ?If you like, you can share your photos taken while you were diving, or you can share your experience in the comment area below.Today's freebie to help you open your Mania chest faster !


Hi, dear all!Long time no club invitation!So today, we invite you all to join our club and, plenty of rewards and interactive activities are waiting for your coming!Although our friends system in game is not ready, let's enjoy our club as soon as possible.Friends, fun, and of course, today's freebie, nothing could be missed!


Good day my friends !!!Next Thursday, we'll offer a new tournament event:Sky RaceJust enjoy the competition and be faster to reach the final line !By the way, which tournament theme you want to see in the future ?now is sky, maybe the next is sea ? universe ? grassland or something you prefer ?Comment below so we can get your mind and update our game together !Today's freebie is ready ! Let's get first.


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Play bingo at home and explore an amazing world of bingo free games with Bingo Aloha.


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