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Ascension Season 2 is on! https://bit.ly/2UN5jJx Complete quests, earn season experience, and get tons of valuable prizes! More info about the Season is here!The Ascension Season 2 is available for players with team level 85 or higher. If your team level is lower now, this season will start when you reach team level 80. Note that you need to finish previous seasons, in order for the Ascension Season 2 to begin. Two seasons will not be made available at once. Get the Gold Ticket to unlock a unique avatar with a frame, and even more quests and rewards! Also, after buying the Gold Ticket for yourself, you will be able to buy one for your guildmates who don't have the Gold Ticket for the Ascension Season 2, and you will get some valuable resources in return! Note that this offer is time-limited: it will be available only till July 18, 2 AM UTC.If you've already summoned a hero that you could get for the activated Gold Ticket, you will receive 80 Soul Stones of that hero or his/her Evolution to 3 stars (if the current hero’s evolution is less than 3 stars).Also, a couple notes on the "Energy Recovery x3" bonus: If you will collect two "Energy Recovery x3" bonuses at once, The Energy Recovery rate will remain x3: if you activate two or more Energy Recovery bonuses at the same time, then only their duration will be summed up. If you forget to collect the "Energy Recovery x3" bonus before the Season ends, you will receive the bonus via the in-game mail as well as other unclaimed rewards. Note: the bonus will be activated right after you collect it from the mail. https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZW-_Py19u15bNXTBQPNIOK5qd4DhGpZnPaF6aL7Q5OW4ZDjVeEjm3bSHet8Bp_mVfe0FZEOhriVEuIKi7H_cv5Oa_Xrn4nCbiSY10AsLs8g7SJbp0yxHyCevVVg_QHcjkbj0WAmqYckMyxrHkqpSUJ4pGtqG4FOVmxpPeLbSGXBvaUADQPRyJxgQ4UWuxixAL0&__tn__=H-R


Greetings, friends! Follow the link to get 3 Free Boxes! https://bit.ly/3bvXsIz The type of the Boxes depends on your Team Level! Notice: the link works 24 hours! Visit our page every day to receive more prizes! https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZV5NPBgKgWyYgobQHHQVGPCJIQ75TsIgI0_pFXHaB4my-0niaGwhnF3F5V3jxFOYmoJvicqWgfEfjWawbVOnGaNZl7H88xXEr2twVwPbHOLS9QgxhwKIVMNHSF5ZMCnG5SXtUMWxlgM-Ebfl2L31YLa0GelZ4kTgJinoeb-Wb9lS85R1hDbl-n2UlCDjWaJMcA&__tn__=H-R


The "Dragon's Claw" event is on! Complete quests to get Qing Mao Dolls that contain Qing Mao Soul Stones, Runes, Skin Stones, and other useful resources! The event ends on June 30, 5 AM UTC.See you in Dominion! https://bit.ly/3tXvgVS https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZX1F1QyJ0j2qNh6m0irq0mgEoFkRPJQOmBZKisrO1KMvyVvzLedtAuWtazHOCRkeY8SJoQyB3SwunI-f-9lgqEME3_D3MslM6gg6xwccr5Cl40KAEItMMoJhOUkFaur5VRBcM6alDuipeCp8MsPFvQyJsYadFjY620517zQV74XlMYrvcpj9Aa793NDiiAWBxA&__tn__=H-R


The Eternal Keeper is not your regular foe, he is a god, after all! So it's no wonder beating Osh is quite a challenge! What team do you use to fight this mighty boss? Share your experience with other heroes!See you in the game! https://bit.ly/2NwaHdZ https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZX5BpmvgDw44mgp7Fa7m8f5h51OvdJhRxSHIURJUbeyw_PBmd83YVO4JeuUWlhaNAq1lU3ZmouRFTKyoOE5zCDR3oqy23jn1V3e0DifKA3URUrLNycwpG9NqEX9Rb07-jWaxvPPmMt38Pwi6Iah50MIOMmQypAgOF7ksAUeJPrWDl0NeVIM1N0K0MaJFqK9RnA&__tn__=H-R


Let's choose the Hero of July together! Follow the link to vote on YouTube for one of the five Guardians: https://bit.ly/3xTXyRK This poll will end on June 29, 11 AM UTC. The Guardian with the most votes will become the Hero of July! https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZWn9dR0Q7VfpgqO3w1xU48_sbPKHp_yPscglomkFIuF3fH7V2DNPIHpl6w-xr7oC1zXSOty7iXllvYH4qXYYkZfDsW0uE7Q98PW12FE--1MIesCzObIg3hMt2e5UwOE1nvDWuDheWWAEXod_es7elVbWklQ2z3O87OIQ8dk4qCfmdJg31dFoRCK_Os1s-J5aV0&__tn__=H-R


Valkyries prepared a special reward for subscription owners! NOTE: This reward can be obtained only with the Valkyrie's Favor active! Follow the link to get 300,000 Gold, 10 Summoning Spheres, and 10 Artifact Chest Keys! https://bit.ly/3yc3kiY The link works till June 29, 5 AM UTC.Activate your subscription now to receive all its benefits: speed up battles, daily Artifact Coins, raid Dungeon battles, and 150 bonus Titanite every day! https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZV__mmT1Ioc2JorU-A1QcP9jeNkdUknPduhUloaWxoYmOjigbpxHSFQBfkSLvqqIO_VBP5TBbHqY38vdFDtf74IGNONzLVaF2sLB52NREMqFmWE_kNReapObRgNJDkckJXMB-avAlxO6gZtNhIpTIIMxC_4aEW9HhTOj3ypMKaKjaltcd4TEL4kezlAnzFLQX8&__tn__=H-R


Dominion Day has started! Complete quests and get Holiday Chests full of useful resources! We’ve also prepared a bonus for you! Follow the link to get 500 Energy! https://bit.ly/3ybUdPk The link expires when the event ends on June 27, 5:00 UTC. https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZUy1ya6XRtYUeJHnRzHAqAurcsWbHusS8rl_Y8XxiO2We--p8zdrmGGQeOaTqngtTed8_dK_TUO1rbqJiUYe74DCH8JB3GnHHm8_yHNJ1XhkCs_blnL27vNOzkaWy2_MHO3b2Oqkb0Z4rqiH8yei0ywG1hACSeYMyoFUvTPaggdkSXYC2hZ2rluzs4BSdnO_Mg&__tn__=H-R


Join our live stream! We are taking a look at Ascension Season 2 and giving away 10 Gold Tickets! Also, get a gift in the description of the video on Youtube! https://youtu.be/dNC11tEazX0 https://youtu.be/dNC11tEazX0


Hi there, it's Boxy! Our YouTube channel has reached 590,000 subscribers worldwide, so it's time for the gifts! FOLLOW the link to get 5 Gifts from Boxy! https://bit.ly/39HQQGt Note: The link works till June 28, 5 AM UTC. https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZUt6vtRDFRrdc_eXbAkZAXtSgYZs1gKurqqE_29c4XNcLAld4KYQ94hxsrLVrGE8A2rZKJkPaZBN8jRQk5mEYXKuaRpzxYV8nb6DtzuW-s9FOSX809iTsaRYvahiZIEtmSm703dUdRBwbrbcHIHtafaWqstdI6bwqWGickRa0icVBXpDDjj2S5ebi2VX0VkR7M&__tn__=H-R


The Ascension Season is coming back to Hero Wars for the second time: get ready to complete quests, earn season experience, and get tons of valuable prizes! It will start on June 27 for players with team level 85 or higher!And on June 23rd, 2022 at 4 PM UTC, we are going to have a Giveaway Live Stream — don't miss your chance to win one of the 10 Gold Tickets for the upcoming Ascension Season 2! To participate, do 2 simple things:1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/YoutubeHW 2. Leave 1 comment with your Account ID under this video: https://youtu.be/i0GDvxjOwwo Full Rules of the Contest: https://bit.ly/AscensionSeason2Rules PLEASE NOTE that comments without an Account ID will be dismissed from the contest. You can find your account ID by clicking your in-game avatar. https://www.facebook.com/herowarsgame/?__cft__[0]=AZVnraFw_fpbjYnqt8eIuRCPFf7sgpFGyqI8gPouYiP3bm5ulA7KA4cMxpzdPhrtMLNh5bDhATp7R71Tko3OKQYSm8qhRNNPWAW_0-Hxvo4hKUnLRsKS88y2Me7wEnHJsenVP5_D3dPqpJb1QgP5_BOe6qlbHzeRHPHP4UUfix1IGAY9u8NgwfrIYJdZB7N08Zc&__tn__=H-R


Hero Wars Game Information:

Game Description:

Many centuries ago magnificent lands of Dominion were thriving and blossoming. Until the perfect world was invaded by the evil forces of Archdemon who wanted to conquer it. His army is unbelievably strong and extremely cruel, but there has to be someone to fight it.

Gather your army of mighty heroes, train and upgrade them, making them invincible! It's now your mission to clear the attacked lands from evil Archdemon's forces. With your faithful army, you can win and bring peace back to Dominion!

Website: https://hero-wars.com/

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