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How to get free coins
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I need some coins

Wdawn i luv Jackpot party Casino and I'll  fill u in on what I know of this site  gamehunters is awesome & legit the advertisements aren't lol! gh will give you about 2-3 million a day about every 8 hrs 500( 4 real follow the links till you find columns of boxes you press those and you'll get 500,000 per box! from about 4 NEW boxes a day any that are 3 days old.you'll get a message it's expired but u should be able to collect quite a bit your first time from them.. ALL the other stuff w you see that promise coins and asks your email and download a game don't do it they're ALL gimmicks EVERY one of em u don't have to download anything here just click each box and it will take you to the game each time u open one & say 500,000 Find me & add me on Facebook messenger, I'm Mary Coffy daily player lvl  621 I'll gift u in the game too...hey good luck!  

I myself have looked everywhere for free coins to play jackpot party casino and ran into fake coin generators that were just scams. Gamehunters club is the only place I've found that has free coins thanks to those players who've set up their bonuses through the program they have that generators those for us. I get my 3 or 4 500,000I from here daily. The only other way I know of to get more coins is to have friends who play because jackpot party itself gives you a bonus for friends sending you gifts so friend me on Facebook daily player over level 600 hope to see invites and gifts soon!...THANKS LOYAL PLAYERS FOR SHARING YOU BONUSES DAILY & TYSVM TO ANY & ALL FUTURE IN GAME FRIENDS!  Find me on Facebook & friend me so we can send daily gifts on jackpot party..I only get 243I right now cuz I only have 1 friend who gifts me daily. Good luck and hope all your spins are on hot reals! ;-) 

Thanks for the coins

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