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  • TjSisel
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I registered on this site. I tried to get the free coins but none of the coin links are working for me while on my phone please help with what I am doing wrong thanks for the help
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  • Naan18
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Good morning. Here's what I know regarding JP coin links from this site as well as any other. Standard rules no matter where you collect from. If you are looking at the link there's the following info on it - top middle it will state 400k or simply Jackpot Party Casino, below this theres a little hand with a finger up and a number next to it : this is how many people has collected on the link. Next to this there is a seperator in the form of a vertical line. Following the line is another number which refers to how long it has been since the link was added. And at the bottom it states days or hours to match the number above. Here's how collecting these work

1. 400K links are from the fanpage & app posts - so the number next to the hand on the link post can go 100+ - and you can collect these for up to 3 days - number next to the line seperator can not exceed 3 days sometimes it's gone after 2 days

2. the "jackpot party casino" links posted gets you 200k when you collect on them. But a max of 3/4 people can collect from these and it's normally only good for 1/2 hours. If you lucky to find one 3-4 hours since post and still on 0 this should still be good.

3. At the start of the links there's text bubbles which you can select/change according to playe spesifications - so you have to log in with your club acc or via facebook. One of these will be "use mobile links" or "use facebook links". Make sure before collecting via mobile straight to app you change this to "mobile".

I use this site as well and I find it very user friendly. But I use it via puffin browser on android (desktop view) with the "use facebook links" selected. 

I hope this clears things up for you and you are able to grab some free coins.

Good luck spinning


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How do I get free coins
  • TamTrama
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I still having trouble getting my free coins
I collect it but dose not appear in account ballance
I collected bounus and dosnt give it to me
Give me my coins please I. Collected alot and got nothing

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