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Go to the Adventure map and play the first game. After you beat it you will notices a numerous amount of free presents to open. DO NOT OPEN THEM.  Go to the next game and you will see there are no presents but if you go to the next one you will see the same amount of presents as in the first game that you completed. Do this all thru both maps and when you finish just do the reverse and get more. If you leave the prsents in the first game there then just go back when you want and you wont have to play the first game again. Go back and forth for ever if you want. You will have unlimited amount of free coins and jewels. Enjoy. I am. Olga

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stuck on level 413, any suggestions


απεριόριστη ποσότητα δωρεάν νομισμάτων και κοσμημάτων

Από coure ανοίξτε όλα τα δώρα που βλέπετε excpt το πρώτο gameLost φούσκα συνέχισε από olgas 

Hi everyone 

I reached level 476 but after that the game stopped given me a new level and message appears that 

waiting for new levels later 

Is that happened wirh everyone?


What a shame English doesn't appear to be your first language because I haven't got a clue what you mean 

Of coure open all the presents you see excpt the 1st gameLost bubble continued from olgas post

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